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love it

this is an amazing cream it gives my skin such a pretty glow & smooth & silky feel doesn't cause me to break out whatsoever ! highly recommended to use before makeup if u wanna achieve that dewy look [:

Pretty good

This is great for people with super sensitive & dry skin like mine, i do like using this in the winter time though because in the summer it's a little too moisturizing especially when ur sweating i like to have a squeaky fresh feel but this bar is awesome nonetheless [:

Awesome [:

I work at Victoria's Secret Beaty department & this is one of the few smells i actually like, I'm not too much of a fragrance person maybe that's why but this smell is definitely sexy, hot, strong, & a turn on for any guy lol enjoy ladies i totally reccomend it [:

Work wonders for me!

I am a student doing a double major so you can only IMAGINE how much stress i go through + i work, part time though. throughout i had ok skin but in college my skin started breaking out. & it was like not even regular acne that everyone it gets it was some type of weird under the skin acne i couldn't pop them b/c it didn't have a head! & you couldn't really see the bump but i def felt it's pain!! & than even if i don't touch my sensitive skin left HEAVY scarring all over my face. I was getting desperate & trying everything. Then i came across this & i thought i would try it since it got good reviews on & girls this stuff works like a charm. it took about 3 weeks for it to completely work though but i did see result in the first week. The thing is a lot of products out there help the acne that has already formed but don't always do a good job in preventing. & this truly sticks to what it says b/c i have not seen anything appear new on my face yet. i decreased the dosage to just once in the morning. At first it does leave skin a little tight & dry so apply moisturizer right away. but this is very gentle. i would know b/c i have extremely dry & sensitive skin!

PS. I recommend this product but i am not sure how much of a miracle worker this may be for people that have heavy, severe cases of acne. Good luck!

i like this alot

This concealer is really good for light-medium coverage. it is very very light weight & airy just like the foundation. great for under eye circles as well. it has a watery-ish consistency & blends out very very well. extremely light-weight & lasted all dat for me after setting it. & it very little did settle into my fine lines but VERY little. i like this if your looking for a light cheap drugstore concealer this is great [:

love it

I have waiting for a product like this! I am shocked that the first page of reviews is pretty bad on this. But from what i read if you have oily skin this is NOT from you b/c ultimately you will look like a grease ball. I think maybelline should have clarified which type of skin was more suitable for. This foundation is definitely for more dry skin type. I have dry & sensitive skin. With that being said I LOVE THIS STUFF. 1. it is cheap compared to other drugstore foundations & you get 1 oz of product. 2. it's VERY light weight & airy on your skin, it's great b/c it let's your skin breathe which is great, it is also very very blend-able & a little watery-ish though. 3. coverage-wise i would say sheer-medium if you build it up, if you have scarred skin this is probably not going to the work alone to cover up everything 4. for those of you that have dry skin you know that it's hard to find a foundation that leaves a dewy glow b/c our skin is just so dry that it doesn't work. one light application & this foundation leaves your skin glowing & dewy perfect for the summer to look natural & in the winter i think it's great as well because it prevents your skin from getting cracked. 5. the staying power after setting it with my powder i would say 5-6 hours so not that long but then again those that stay 24 hours aren't great for your skin anyways =( 6. The last thing is that it comes in soo many different shades & it matches your skin-tone perfectly ! @ least it did 4 me [: all in all i really like this [: cheap & works well!


This is exactly what a mascara should be. this is the very first mascara that i have used that fits in the guidelines of everything i want. The scent is very low, so it doesn't bother eyes if you have sensitive skin like me. the brush is is different & more like a long oval which has special bristles that help separate the lashes. it does a good job thickening & lengthening my lashes. & best of all it leaves my lashes SOFT! NOT hard & crusty but soft like my real lashes! I love it!


After my horrible acne started appearing, I had acne and scarring since I have super sensitive and dry skin. This is my first concealer that I fell in love with. I tried so many other ones but I always go back to it. Now, this is NOT for everyone. Dry skin? Perfect for you! A lot of blemishes, scars, hyperpigmentations, uneven skintone, extreme reddness, heavy under eye dark circles? This product will cover ALL those problem areas. It's basically like a cheap Dermablend. I do not reccommend putting this all over your face, obviously b/c it's very heavy. But this doesn't really settle into my fine lines when i set it. Very blendable & creamy and does not clog my pores whatsoever. Great great great! I have been waiting to review this product. It's great for people with a lot of problem areas. If your skin is pretty even and good than obviously you will hate this product! I am talking about people who really want to hide things. <3


this is good for highlighting. it does get a bit messy & wears off pretty easily. it is very blend-able & very very shimmery. not recommended on the eyelids though be/c it tends to 2 fall inside the eye & make it crazy red.

it's ok...

i used this but it was very hard to blend the colors since the colors didn't match my skin. It is creamy at first but when you put it on the skin it's drying very quickly. & the colors come out too orange.....

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