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I really loved Flormar's auto eyeliner but when i cudn find it anywhere i got this and i'd say this is just as cool ! It does stay for long,as far as i rmmbr :p (oh my memory ) and i dont hate the texture..the color comes off its super cheap !! I just dont like sharpening it ( who doesnt ? ) but other than that i love it !!

What kind of sorcery is this ?

Ok,now this ones super waterproof and stays for a lonnngg time !!! No,seriously !! I tried removing it with my Bioderma makeup remover (which takes off all kind of waterproof stuff) and it... just ...didnt ...come.... OFF !!! Then finally i removed it with my rotating cleansing brush *sighs* Its tiring and i definitely wont wear this everyday (lol,mm-mm).I guess i'll keep this for weddings and events like.

Love the <a href='http://pigmentation.At' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>pigmentation.At</a> first i thought the colors were too common and stuff but..they're actually gorgeous !!! They're all shimmery ( ofcourse) and the shade i use often is Chopper (Ugggghh its sah purdyyy) and i love using Last call on my lower lashline.I lurvee all the shades !!

Cannot live without it !

I dont even remember how long i've been using this makeup remover.Its been 3/4 years and im still obsessed with this <a href='http://remover.It' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>remover.It</a> just removes eveything,wateroroof or nit,soo easily !! And plus my skin is dry,sensitive/irritated to touch and most removers just leave my face feeling itchy or with redness but this is very gentle.Its just my holygrail makeup remover.

I love the shades and the pigmentation ! Its a perfect palette!!! I use Downfall everyday,its just a perfect neutral brown..and oh my god,i am in love with Alchemy,Freeze,Dragon,Sonic,Bondage,Vanity and Heroine !!!

Meh !

I bought a couple of shades of this lipstick not only to try them out,but i also wanted a few Ysl lipsticks but i wasnt sure if the lighter shades would suit me so i got the cheapest dupes ! I like the colors,the texture but not the longevity of these lipsticks.I cant really complain since their only $<a href='http://2.It' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>2.It</a> literally came off/disappeared after 15/20 minutes (idk if thats bcz of the mist i used but it doesnt happen with other lippies) and i had to re-apply <a href='http://again.It' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>again.It</a> glides on smoothly,yes,but isnt moisturizing ! But anyway, i got the dupes,the shades suit me,going to get myslf some ysl now ! Btw it has a weird smell !

I love this!! This is my HG makeup <a href='http://remover.My' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>remover.My</a> skin is super sensitive(irritated to touch ) plus its normal-dry and this remover gently takes off all my makeup and eyemakeup (even waterproof).I definitely recommend this if you have sensitive,normal-dry skin like mine !

Ok first off,this is not a setting spray ! Its more like a mist.I lovee this because when my skin gets dry and if i use too much powder my makeup often looks cakey or flakey and this spray prevents <a href='http://that.It' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>that.It</a> does not set or anything which is why i dont use this in summer.I agree with others on how you can use this for poorly pigmented eyeshadows.

The foundation does not give the glowy finish i want but after setting it with a spray its all fine.I dont think i cn wear this everyday.But it feels very light and smooth on my skin!

I LOVE IT ! Its exactly what i wanted,feels light,dewy,glowy and has a good coverage ! I use setting spray to set it so it does last for a long time !

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