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Excellent & Gentle, Highly Effective Discoloration Treatment

For reference my skin is very pale and runs very dry/sensitive. This review is based on 3 months regimented-use as well as ongoing usage since a 2nd bottle purchase.

Melasma is well-documented as one of the largest, common skin issues facing women all across the globe. Men are also effected, but at much smaller percentage, and there is Science behind why this occurs. Discoloration/Melasama can develop in women of any race, but is most widespread among Indian Females , followed by women with deeper-toned complexions as more likely candidates to experience this change in skin. It is lastly commonly found in a wide array of ethnic populations with pale skin, such as myself. So anyone can develop discoloration, but their chances do vary based on a number of things to be taken into account. I really wanted to focus on this review to take time to address that because not everyone has access to a Dermatologist or Estie and I do believe it's often misunderstood. Many shrug it off and simply chose to conceal rather than treat or feel they are beyond help...that's it just part of aging to be accepted. But Melasma, much like acne, has a psychological impact among sufferers that can deeply effect self-esteem and often lead to deeper issues. I want everyone who is reading this wherever you are in the World to feel beautiful and know, there is hope...and affordable help, thanks, in part to The Ordinary.

Heredity and Ethnicity are NOT the only deciding factors in developing Hyper-pigmentation of some sort; including extensive development. Women are often victim of this discoloration because it is a skin reaction directly tied to increased hormone activity. This can be pregnancy (Pregnancy Mask/Chloasma), when one is in their prime reproductive years and birth control pills is taken, those who are on Hormone Replacement Therapy, (which is 1 factor why older women often struggle with & develop Melasma), and those who are experiencing thyroid irregularities. I cannot stress enough that your skin is an organ; it is your body's largest organ and so often what is taking place within the body will appear in the skin. Listen to what your skin is telling you. Just because there's a jar doesn't mean that you should dismiss every skin issue because there's a topical treatment or manner in which to conceal it. Melasma should not be confused with a darkening or greying of the neck, often increasing in skin-thickness on the neck folds...greying or blackening not linked to hair removal in the underarm area or discoloration/darkening of the abdomen. If you have discoloration there, I recommend a blood panel before embarking on any topical treatments. Those might possibly a sign that insulin in the body is not being properly processed and so your topical treatments, which may or may not include this ingredient, should be paired with a doctor's care for your health as a whole in that instance. I am not a physician; I simply speak from a place of both personal experience and extensive research.

Another largely-contributing factor to skin discoloration development in both females and males of ALL Ethnic Groups which was once dismissed as "age spots" years ago, is sun damage. Sun Damage often occurs in our younger years and the tell may not be obvious at that time outside of a sunburn. My Derm always jokes "There's no such thing as a health tan." While we all love and appreciate sunshine, it's crucial that you always protect your skin if you want to look it's very best with the passing of time. Melasma may appear slowly as the years pass and without proper sun-protection will further darken and spread. All SPF protection is not alike; you want broad-spectrum sun protection and be sure to touch that protection up accordingly. When using this product, that's especially important to consider, regardless of why you may be experiencing discoloration.

Lastly, some of you may be looking to this because of what you say is acne-scarring/discoloration. For scars, if you mean "pitting" in the flesh, that must be addressed through microneedling. But the darkening of skin spots where acne has healed over or if presently you have a breakout with discoloration...if you struggle with uneven skin tone or if you just have a few random spots that you dislike...maybe you simply want brighter skin; this is absolutely going to benefit your skin as well. A note to those with genetic/physical discoloration of the eye area, you'll benefit too with brightening and fading if you incorporate this into part of a broader, brightening regimen.

While ALL of these factors vary, they share one common theme: the potential for psychological impact. So what can be done? Plenty, but the results are always going to depend on the users diligence, overall health, and lifestyle/habits. No matter the reason how you acquired the discoloration, this product requires devotion to see great change.: AM and PM usage, every single day. (I would also make this part of several steps in my skincare to address those concerns, which I'll address in a moment.)

The most popular treatment for Melasma in my personal experience has long-been Hydroquinone, followed by Retin A and Glycolic Acid. Hydroquinone as well as these other treatments has long-been and is still currently used in Derms' offices all across the United States and is present in a wide variety of Korean Lightening Skin Treatments. It can be found in other countries in a variety of doses. While highly effective with impressive results, not all countries permit the usage, it carries the potential to irritate skin, and for those with deeper skin tones and shades, this poses an especially challenging issue. Even in pale women, unsupervised use or a regimen that is not in keeping with usage recommendations/guidelines can experience a "bruising" type of discoloration in areas treated. Hydroquinone is essentially a "skin bleaching" ingredient and so even those with freckles they adore need be very careful when addressing discoloration. Hydroquinone is safely used in many doctors' offices, including creams, lotions, serums and Chemical Peels. I'm not trying to alter anyone's opinion on the ingredient or treatment; I do feel it's a safe option for many with discoloration and have used it myself. I'm just trying to say it may not be for everyone. I also mention this because Alpha Arbutin works in the same manner that Hydroquinone does; by inhibiting the formation of melanin within the skin. Arbutin is a natural derivative of the Bearberry plant and unlike it's direct relative, Hydroquinone, Arbutin is a much more gentle, affordable and low-risk potential for treating skin discoloration for all skin types. It's a safe way to get your discoloration faded and brighten your skin as well as prevent new discoloration from forming that you can do within your own home...and with peace of mind. For those with deeper and darker shades of skin, this is a lovely option for you without the risks involved in more potent treatments for discoloration. That's a huge sigh of relief for many who are struggling with this skin issue...regardless of your skin tone and shade.

How should you use it? AM and PM, after washing and toning skin in the morning. After washing and toning in the evening as you would a serum. Treat this as a serum. If your skin regimen permits using only once a day THAT'S FINE..don't stress. Just be sure you are using it with routine regularly. Be diligent and be sure incorporate this into your routine rather than use in passing or you won't see results.

This is hydrating, it doesn't irritate in my experience. It's an ingredient I have only seen in Clinical formulations at my Derm's office and so The Ordinary, especially at this price point, is extraordinary in this regard. This is truly hope and help in a jar and so I am grateful that Beautylish is bringing this product to those who struggle with discoloration Worldwide.

What else can you pair with this to boost it's effect? If you want to get the most bang for your buck and see better results, I strongly advise you to pair this with The Ordinary's Azelaic Acid Suspension. I'd also use this with a daily dose of Vitamin C in a serum formulation. I do think Timeless does a better Vitamin C that's affordable than The Ordinary, but if you want to try a C from the Ordinary, I recommend the Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F or (depending on skin type/needs) for those non-sensitive or oily/acne-prone, their C suspension. I have left reviews for those 2 products if that is of help. Timeless I'd keep in the fridge as batches are made fresh-to-order. Drunk Elephant would be my high end recommendation. Sensitive-skinned users should use a light hand with any C until skin is acclimated.

Another Ordinary win that works very well with this product is Niacinamide with Zinc. (I have left a review for that product as well.) Another amazing way to address discoloration is through AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). Glycolic or Lactic Acid as part of your overall skin regimen not only will help with discoloration of all sorts, it also stimulates collagen, making it anti-aging and it combats/helps prevent some acne types. It does not pose the risk that skin-bleaching ingredients do so you can pair these with peace of mind. The drugstore and many online skincare as well as cosmetic stores carry affordable AHA options, so fear not!

Retinol or Retinoids, including the 2% concentration from The Ordinary or your favorite, properly packaged (no jars) of Retinol will also play a significant role in combating discoloration, evening skin tone, and brightening the complexion.

More than anything else, I cannot stress enough how crucial using Broad Spectrum SPF Protection is. Even on a rainy or winter day, I implore using sun protection. All Sunscreens are NOT created equally. Touching up is so incredibly important with sun exposure. You don't want to create more discoloration or undo all of the hard work that this product and your skin regimen are doing to not only brighten and fade spots, but to protect you from health risks. Not everyone will see results of the same type or in the same time frame because as I have tried to explain, everyone's experience with Discoloration is linked to their health, genetics, lifestyle, routine, etc. So don't lose hope because you didn't see the same results as someone else. I speak more about eye discoloration in my Ordinary Caffeine review, but this should help brighten the eye area slightly if you combine it with other brightening agents and hydration in the entire orbital area. (This is not for use on the lids.)

I hope this was of help to you. I will be repurchasing and have gifted this. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this. I've waited to write my review until I personally saw changes in my own skin and could explain, based on my own experience, how it paired with other products that address Melasma/Discoloration. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult with your doctor (many times you can phone in and ask a nurse) before using any new products in your skincare that alter the state of your skin. I'd test patch as I would any new product.

Keep it vigilant. Help and positive change IS within your reach. :)

Short Shelf Life

I didn't find this to give any volume, even slightly, to lashes. It did, however, provide a bit of nice length. While I did love that hint of whisp in my lashes, and found this had pretty good staying power, it wasn't the Superhero it promised to be. I certainly never looked as if it was wearing false lashes, even with careful coat applications and patience. For me, this mascara failed to live up to most of its claims listed.

At this price point, it should be surpassing excellent drug-store formulations, but it doesn't. Even among my higher-end mascaras, this was not a favorite. I will say that it didn't dry out my lashes or sting the eyes, which was a relief, but it wasn't anything extraordinary in the big picture; I have other formulations from less-pricy lines that don't dry my lashes out either or sting. In the end, this didn't distinguish itself in any true fashion.

I also noticed that it wore beautifully when I received it (I was indeed quite impressed upon the first few uses), but the tube and wand began to clump up quickly, despite being properly closed and stored with my other mascaras, after just 2 weeks. That clumping effected both application and wear, and thus, it started to flake. Maybe I got an odd batch, but I doubt it. Beautylish is great about distributing fresh product.

Based on price point, and promises paired with performance; 2 stars. I'd never repurchase or recommend. Ahhh, we'll always have those two delightful weeks we shared together!

Insanely Overpriced. DUPE IT!

Ah, Maracuja Oil. It's great for the skin. It's truly lovely. As the description clearly states, it's also known as "Passion Flower Oil" and often "Passion Fruit Oil". All Tarte did was add a hint of a vitamin E derivative to offer some stability and extend shelf life while bringing in antioxidants. That's it...that's all it is.

I was gifted a tiny bottle and when I saw the price, I was so angry that a friend would spend so much money on what could easily be found on shelves for a teeny bitty amount of cash.

Skip this from Tarte and the pretty, purple bottle..., but keep the Maracuja Oil. Look instead for Cold Pressed Passion Fruit Oil or Cold Pressed Passion Flower Oil and add a drop of E to your bottle. That's all the ingredients are. Tocopherol is a fancy way of saying "a form of Vitamin E that is derived from X oil". Vitamin E is a stable and reliable way to bring all those benefits into your Passion Fruit/Maracuja. Keep your facial and body oils protected from light, and storage is an area a bit on the cooler side.

For some with pore clogging skin issues, E can occasionally be problematic, so you may not want to add E to your oil. With any new skincare product, always test patch. Oil is a sealant and it will only offer moisture on the uppermost layer of the skin. You can increase hydration by making a cocktail of your favorite moisturizer with a drop or two of this, or use alone if you only need a hint of dew. For very dry folks, a drop added to foundation should help you and give a bit of glow to your complexion.

You don't need Tarte for this. I promise you. Go ahead and do a web search for "Cold Pressed Passion Fruit Oil"...or "Passion Flower Oil" and then take a deep breath because if you bought this expensive little bottle, you may be kind of upset that you've been sold an overpriced bag of goods. That's on Tarte and not the consumer. If you like this, you may enjoy one of "The Ordinary" cold-pressed oils. Those are of fine quality and definitely affordable. You want "cold pressed" for certain to maintain maximum facial oil benefits.

Please, save yourself a TON of money in the future by saying farewell to this insanely priced madness while sending a message to Tarte that you are an educated consumer who won't be duped by pretty packaging.

Wasn't Impressed

I purchased this and it's been sitting largely unused in my drawer, and for good reason. For reference, I naturally run extremely dry and sensitive. People often say they are dry or very dry, but there are obviously differing level of dryness and so while this be a delight for those with dry skin, it is not a good fit for those with skin identical to my own.

I didn't like the finish; it felt very flat. I don't wear powders in general as I don't need them or necessarily want them. As a dry gal, I cherish those valuable, previous oils my skin generates, but I did want something to set the eye area that would not add to my dryness. Considering how ingredient-specific I am with regard to research, I should have taken into consideration that the primary ingredient of this powder is talc. My skin and talc do not play nice together. It only servers to further dry me out. If you have sensitivity or an allergy to talc, this is not a powder option for you.

Yes, this does include a form of HA for "hydration", but talc is the primary ingredient so while perhaps HA's presence reduces the amount of dryness one may experience from other powders, but for me, it made zero difference. This felt no different RCMA in my view. This was also an expensive lesson. Beautylish is fantastic about returns and I'm confident that had I expressed my disappointment about purchasing the powder, they'd have gladly refunded me. Instead, I tucked it away in a drawer and forgot about it; it's been quite a while.

I'm writing my review now because with warmer weather and skin that's looking glowy and dewy, I thought I'd give this another go. No...a thousand times no. It settled in every tiny fine line and my eyes are in excellent skin health. It left them looking...sallow..flat. It just didn't please me on any level.

I did discover another Asian powder that is talc-free and that is glorious for setting the eye area. I still do not use powder accept on rare occasion, but when it is wanted or needed,, it's great to know there are other options out there. If you're on medication that dries, acne treatments or anti-aging that dries, if you run dry in general or having maturing skin with parching of the skin, I'd instead pick up something in a talc-free formulation.

I think for combination skin or oily peeps....on those who enjoy a more matte finish, and do not have deeper skin tones, this could easily work well. I feel comfortable with 2 stars based on personal experience. I don't think this is translucent; there is, even with a light hand, a bit of a white cast. You can take that powder and finish down a tad with Fix+, but deeper skin tones, I'd steer clear of this one. I did consider 1 star, but I suppose it can used to spot treat a facial area and it's not as drying as a few other formulations so 2 is where I'm at.

I did notice that if you do not use a very light hand, flashback can occur. reduce those chances; which also, is not great for dry skin. Blending just stirs up flakes through microexfoliation so I'll say, " No" to Koh Gen Do.


Caffeine is great for constricting blood vessels *temporarily*. Caffeine topically reduces inflammation. It basically takes puffiness down when applied. That logic and physical response are part of why caffeine body scrubs are so popular. Their source is usually coffee grounds. (This constricting has been touted by some to temporarily reducing cellulite appearance, for example and that is still debated.) What is agreed upon is that is that caffeine does take down inflammation and contains skin-beneficial antioxidants.

Caffeine is present in many of my Derm's own, personal line of skincare, both for immediate results and for long-term skin health benefits. Of course this is not a dupe for what you would ever receive from a Derm; my Derm's formulations contain other beneficial skincare ingredients, many at clinical strengths, and I assure, the price reflects as such. This particular formulation, however, is an affordable way to bring some caffeine to the eyes in a manner that will be, for many, gentle, effective, and fragrance free.

The rapid response time caffeine between topical application of caffeine beneath the eye and visible result is incredibly quick; who doesn't love a skin care product where results are that rapid...where you can see a physical changes?

What I want to stress most is expectation. To understand if this product will work for their own, personal needs, this involves identifying why your eyes may have "bags" or puffiness. Is it from genetics, your facial features due to heritage, your bone structure, lack of elasticity due to maturing skin, fat pads present beneath the eye? If so, then caffeine will produce never produce a dramatic change for those particular people, at any percentage. That said, regardless of the reason WHY you may have issue with your eye area, we ALL have days when we are retaining water or are looking and feeling puffy from fatigue, etc...and for those days, this will help most anyone make your eyes look their best. So I cannot stress enough that it is always important to understand your own skin and counter that with expectation level. I did notice Mallory A., stressed that point in her review. I was delighted to see that.

Will this work for dark circles? I have always had naturally, genetic dark circles due to the manner in which my eyes are set, even as a child. I cannot say it enough: Caffeine is not a brightening agent. I knew that when I made this purchase. You may feel more awake because the skin isn't puffy so you *look* more awake, but if you're hoping for dark-circle help, Vitamin C, Arnica, Liquorice Root..those are just a few of the true, proven ingredients that will absolutely address dark circles for many who struggle with them. Unfortunately, none of those ingredients I've just listed are not found in this formulation. That's a huge bummer. None of those are exceptionally expensive and including them would have made for a five-star product that would still be affordable.

Such is my issue with many of 'The Ordinary' products. In my view, most are one-trick pony's. They are built upon the notion that you will you be layering..stacking their products. For some skincare, I'd rather spend more for a single formulation that combines clinical-grade ingredients and get them in one product that costs what easily could be the same amount spent stacking 5 products from the Ordinary. So before you dive into purchasing 7 products from any line, examine if maybe there's another product or line that will do the same in one simple application....for the same amount of money. You'd be surprised what you can find even within a drugstore.

The Ordinary" one-trick ponies, however, in many instances, can also be viewed as their strength. Sometimes you are getting a ton of beneficial ingredients elsewhere in your skincare with what you are currently using and just want to focus on bringing 1 or two "boosters" to your skincare ....or perhaps use one a 'treatment', such as this caffeine, and so you aren't forever stacking. In such cases, you can actually be saving money in the long run by cherry picking. Even this can serve as a booster when you add a drop to a moisturizer just prior to application or perhaps add a drop your toner if you have one that doesn't contain antioxidants and you want to use those products up. (In the future, I'd recommend buying products that do have antioxidants already in them, but I'm just trying to stress that this is slightly versatile.)

I do take issue with 'The Ordinary' in their claims that it reduces dark circles, however, I think this hinges on semantics. Technically, dehydration of the body and skin does exaggerate dark circles. It's why you look awful after a night of heavy drinking or have a terrible bout of sickness; you are often very dehydrated. Your skin is your largest organ and so hydration is always a win for the body, both inside and out. If your skin, including the delicate eye area,, is not hydrated, this will enhance any and every flaw. Fine lines, darkness, dryness.....all of that is amped up when skin is thirsting for moisture. This formulation does bring hydration through Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin. It feels luxurious and rewarding on the eye largely for those reasons. A hydrated, smoother eye and slightly plumper eye, in my view, will diminish any flaw, even if only a little. Maybe you're already getting that through a great moisturizer and you instead want to reserve this for when you're puffy. Really look at why you are considering the purchase and what you are already using in your regimen. I seriously do wish they would have included proven brightening ingredients that are not insanely expensive and that does reflect in my rating.

Green Tea antioxidants are present in this formulation, which I truly love! Green Tea is amazing for drinking due to ability to reduce inflammation as well as being naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. All of those benefits translate to a bonus in health and skin. Topically, Green Tea, itself, is a win for skin. If you drink it, put those used Tea bags to work! The ingredient in this, EGCG, is derived from Green Tea, and provides antioxidants within this formula. Antioxidants help skin fight free-radical damage and that's a crucial part of anti-aging, but also skin health as a whole, including combating acne, environmental effects, etc.

I do wish that 'The Ordinary' would also talk more about their ingredient sources. Not all Green Tea is created equally, for example. Green Tea Leaves harvested from Japan contain an astronomical amount of antioxidants far over Chinese-sourced leaves. So while both may benefit you, they are not identical in the level of benefit they provide. I don't want to guess in my skincare. I think that from a topical standpoint, Vitamin C is a more beneficial, powerful antioxidant, but their EGCG is unquestionably a huge plus and is an effective antioxidant.

I bought this. I own it. I have gifted it to exhausted friends who are overjoyed. I personally reserve this solely for a treatment on rare, puffy days and instead use other products that have proven highly effective in addressing my own genetic darkness. If that is your primary goal with regard to darkness, then I would suggest you do the same. This logic can be used when approaching any skincare purchase and will help you keep your skincare streamlined.

Stacking products is not for everyone and it is certainly not necessary to get great affordable skin care, including from other lines. I do sometimes like to cherry pick certain ingredients and 'The Ordinary' keeps that simple and affordable for me. If you are layering, my tip is to use this after washing and toning, and before your moisturizer. I'd treat this as I would a serum application. It wears beautifully under make-up and does not cause piling in my experience.

4 Stars for its abilities to address *certain* types of eye "bagging" or inflammation. I was tempted to give three, but because it does include hydrating ingredients and I found it to be gentle on my sensitive skin and eyes. My stars also take into consideration this price point. If it price was higher, I'd bump it down to 3 stars.

If you are very sensitive, please, test patch using a very small amount before incorporating this into your skincare. Constriction, even slight or infrequent, may irritate some people, and topically, you never know how skin will react to an ingredients, so just use caution upon initial use. That is a great idea for anything new you introduce to your skin.

On a final note, if you have puffiness frequently, elevating the head a bit when resting or sleeping, (as well as being sure to get proper sleep), watching sodium intake, drinking Green Tea, and always focusing on your health overall is certainly going to benefit you. You can always talk to your physician if you have concerns about persistent darkness or swelling. I know it's great when you find something that will temporarily help you out, but, please, consider your skin an organ and listen to it; it is often telling you that you have greater needs than what can be found in a jar.

I do feel confident recommending this, providing expectations are kept realistic. I hope that is of help to you.


My skin runs dry/sensitive for reference, including my lids.

I own Viseart and other beloved high-end shadows, but this is still my favorite shadow formulation of all time. It's pigmented, buttery, has little fall out and blends like a dream. Because I have dry and sensitive lids, brushes often bring on irritation; the less blending dry lids have to do, the less micro-exfoliation and sensitivity. This meant I would rarely wear shadow aside from cream formulations; Inglot changed all that.

You can mix and match not only colors, but finishes. The magnetic packaging is perfection..particularly the lid and this is the only shadow I take with me when I travel. I built my own rusty shades and they make green eyes pop; I always receive compliments and it photographs so beautifully.

My favorite way to wear this is with Nars eye primer. I am crease-free, with vibrant color for over 12 hours, even in the summer heat. I can't say enough of how these are just glorious.

I'm certain to purchase again and this makes a terrific gift that's thoughtful... as you choose the colors and finishes yourself for a friend or family member. I highly recommend them and am delighted Beautylish carries the line.


I had written a 1 star review for this, but it is no longer here and so I shall share my feedback once again. For reference, my skin runs very dry and sensitive. I purchased my products directly from The Ordinary and was gifted some from the line as well, including this item as I am a fan of other quite popular Lactic acid products.

I am not new to acids. I've been using these types of AHA's at various strengths, including clinical strength, since I was in high school.

Lactic at 5% is my favorite exfoliation for dry skin. Lactic acid not only stimulates collagen, making it effective for anti-aging, but it causes the cells to turn over at a more rapid rate, acting to chemically exfoliate. This reveals brighter, more even-toned skin with a glow.

This, however, even on my experienced skin and with a very light hand was painful. It felt like horrible sunburn just moments after I applied it to my clean, dry skin...and from there, the discomfort became painful. My face was left so irritated and red that it remained as such for a couple of days, during which I applied aloe to soothe.

This is not a dupe in my experienced view; I use and enjoy another, less expensive Derm-recommended Lactic options that moisturizes perfectly with no burning and so I shall stick with that. I also have a higher priced version that I feel is lovely and so this was the biggest disappointment of all of my purchases. There were, however, quite a few stars in the line. This simply relates my personal experience and something those who also have sensitive skin may want to take into consideration.

If you have sensitive skin, I would not recommend this particular formulation. If you did purchase it and are new to it, I'd test patch on the delicate area of the forearm or on the neck, behind the ear, but away from the skin fold ...and use a light hand.

It's disappointing my review was removed; especially since i have been quite generous in my reviews for this line based on 3-6 months experience with each item. In this instance, I could not proceed testing further. There's much better, I assure you.

I would never recommend this.


C stimulates collagen, it's cell boosts brightness and helps improve tone while helping with discoloration; vitamin c is a powerhouse of antioxidant goodness. With daily use, Vitamin C is certainly a game changer for both anti-aging and for skin aesthetically. I was glad to see The Ordinary including some affordable C options within the line.

To be honest, I was on the fence between 3 and 4 stars, but I'm going with 3 and I'll share why:

L Ascorbic is 'the gold standard' in C skincare, and although the name sounds very Ascorbicy..they're fudging just a bit with the wording in product That's just my opinion. In the description, I do feel they accurately relate that this isn't the most effective C form they carry (or that exists in other lines). "Vitamin F" is their way of saying "Fatty Acids". Fatty acids are incredibly emollient, so that's a bonus for those with normal to dry/very dry skin. They help restore and replenish skin and it's moisture barrier. Since this is a C formulation in oil, I think a water soluble form of C may be a better choice for those with oily skin, but everyone's skin is different.

Yes, this is a C serum, but it's not the most effective C serum that's both stable and affordable on the market. For a few dollars more, you can get actual L Ascorbic with all the bonuses of added E and Ferulic Acid from Timeless Skincare in a stable, water soluble formulation. (I keep my Timeless in the fridge to extend shelf life.) so if I put it into perspective this is very nice, but not just that

I do think that if skin is very sensitive, this can be used alternately or in conjunction with other anti-aging products and help give some much-needed C to your skincare. It's a very nice formula: it's just not excellent in my view. If you were tossing about the idea of bringing a C product into your skincare and wanted to chose one from The Ordinary, this would be the one I'd recommend.

Discoloration, Dullness, Rosacea, Acne

Finally, easily accessible Azelaic Acid for a song!

I originally purchased this to add to my skin brightening regimen and to see if it would help with some hormonal redness. Surprisingly, it's made my skin even more supple. That was an unexpected bonus! The silky texture is delightful, yet it isn't oily in the least. I dries down to lovely, soft finish without any shine, in my experience. After use, I can clearly see my redness is taken down a notch and skin feels and looks noticeable better, even after immediate use. My pores have never been an issue for me, but I do actively work to help keep those from getting congested. This definitely has made a difference in the ease in which I can keep pores their best. Bananas!

Azelaic Acid also does wonders for combating acne or in acne prevention (as part of a broader skin regimen) and should work incredibly well for who struggle with Rosacea.

If you have acne "scars" (acne discoloration) or dark spots....perhaps skin is a bit dull or needs toning and you are seeking something soothing, this certainly does a lovely job of delivering on promises. For even better results, I'd incorporate this into my routine with other products, such as C, Retinoids/Retinols, AHA's and routine use of Niacinamide for maximum benefit.

I would absolutely repurchase this and recommend this for use or gifting.

Emollient Antioxidants

I run both dry and sensitive for reference.

Squalane is a staple in all reparative formulations my Derm carries in their own line. Upon her insistence, I began to use it daily in my routine...only I was paying much more for No more, thanks to The Ordinary!

This is a wonderful way to bring antioxidants and hydration to your skin, even if you're oily. Squalane is acne-friendly and won't clog pores. Fatty acids help replenish moisture, adding to the benefits of Squalane, which will work to keep your skin's moisture barrier healthy. This works nicely directly on skin, but also mixed with moisturizer if you're running particularly dry.

Rather quick absorbing so it does work very well even underneath make-up in my experience. I would repurchase, recommend and gift this for certain. Yay! Huge savings on an spectacular skincare staple.

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