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Superhero Mascara


Krys B.

I agree with a lot of others - it works okay at first, but it dries out really fast and gets way too clumpy. I'll stick with Benefit

Kristina M.
Too much product on the wand

Honestly, I expected more from this mascara. I've heard many rave reviews about it, but for me (considering the price point) I did not see it. The wand itself is OK, I guess. But there is SO MUCH product on the wand that you just can't apply the product onto your lashes straight away - you need to remove the excess product (otherwise you will be in trouble). It applies clumpy still! And there is a fall-out after 2-3 hours of wear. What can I say good about this mascara? Well, it is black (I mean really black), it makes lashes longer. But it is not enough for a 24-dollar mascara...

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Elisa H.
To the moon and back

This mascara was given to me as a gift from a friend (sample size) I absolutely love it’s lengthening power. It’s a buildable formula that does not clump if you use it right. Two coats and your set! Generous amount of product!

Raquel W.
My new favorite

This mascara is the best! I have used so many different mascaras, but I’ve used more than mascara from Ester Lauder with the primer. This is my new favorite for real. It is really all in one. My new love!

Céline V.
Photo of product included with review by Céline V.

J'utilise ce produit depuis quatre jours La formule est très épaisse et recouvrante en 1 ou 2 passages les cils sont bien couverts et bien noirs Sa texture noire intense apporte un joli volume et booste réellement la longueur. Par contre, je n’ai pas vraiment constaté de différence sur la courbe. Juste le fait que mes cils deviennent plus longs et plus épais. Ils sont mieux définis et plus étoffés, donc la promesse est clairement tenue

Marie  D.
Best Masacara Ever

This is my new favorite mascara. It truly gives me the lengthening ability I need for my eyelashes. It stays in place all day !

Alexa B.
I'm very confused with this Mascara

When I got a sample/travel size of this mascara, I totally loved it and it was actually doing wonder for my lashes. So I bought the full size. Well, for some reason it was not the same as the travel size. It doesn't perform the same and it's been weeks. Very disappointed actually. This however doesn't give me any gripe at night when I am trying to remove it. It's east to remove and it does not smudge. It's not waterproof but it has a good staying power. Just really don't do anything for my lashes like the travel size.

Ramune  T.

Great mascara, I liked this when I tried the first time! Wow! It creates volume, it is easy to use, my lashes are long and this mascara to do my lashes more lengthens. I really recommended this wonderful thing, girls! Despite the fact, I found this mascara here <3

Ramune  T.
Great product!

It was amazing product! I try this mascara for the first time but I love it ! It creates volume effect what is important form, this mascara easy to remove and easy to use! Perfect product! I recommended for every woman who has long lashes. Also, I always check the products in this website, you can try too

Lana A.
my HG mascara!

this mascara is seriously everything!! it provides insane length and some volume if layered, and i wear it sometimes to the gym and it doesn't smudge at all and it holds the curl.

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