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I have a lot of baby hairs and fly aways at the top of my head. This product has been working wonders for me, I usually would use gel or hair spray which made my hair look un-natural since my baby hairs are really annoying. It would make my hair look crisp because of the hair spray and I don't like that look. I've put the product on while my hair is damp and then after combing my hair out, I put a pea size again around the crown of my hair. The whole day my hair has looked so natural, didn't have to keep checking if my baby hairs were sticking out. When I put my fingers through my hair it still stayed down and super soft. I'm really happy I found my match and at a really affordable price. Great buy!

I really love the Ravin' Raisin color since I am into the plum, burgundy shades for the fall season. I used it by itself and didn't really last long on my lips, then the second time I used a lip balm and lip liner then the lip stick and it lasted me throughout the day but of course I had to do a bit of touching up. I like the feel and how the pigment looks on me. Great buy for a good price, I want to get more.

I love how pigmented the colors are when applied to my eyes. It wasn't hard to get a smokey look with the colors. I bought the Petal Pusher and Comfort Zone. I used the comfort zone palette for a daytime look and loved the outcome of it. I wish I took a picture so you can see how it looked. I didn't even have to use a eye primer before using the eye shadow. It didn't crease through out the day. I will try to use eye primer next time to see how the color looks with the primer but I honestly think you don't need the primer since the pigments are bold already and its "crease-free." I can't wait to try the Petal Pusher palette and I also wish I got the Blue had me at hello palette too. I would definitely use all three palette's for the fall season. My new favorite eye shadows, the price is great for it too! I bought mine from Wal-Mart. I haven't seen it in any of my pharmacy's like Duane Reade yet. I will check CVS and Walgreens next because I really want the Blue palette.

I love this product; its my favorite lip balm because it really feels smooth on my lips and keeps my lips moist all day. I like the smell and how the shaped of the balm really glides on my lips. I can't get enough of this product, I want to get more. I first bought the fruit punch, the red color one. I love it. I love the packaging, very different and unique. Its so easy to carry around in my purse.

i love how i don't have to put two coats with this nail polish when i'm on the go. It dries fast and the color is my favorite. I was obsessed with purples and lilacs last summer 2010 and still go to this color when i'm in a purple/lilac mood. Its affordable and fun colors for the summer too.

I bought the "Distressed Denim" which is a blue color. I love how it crackles on top of bright nail polish colors. I like the packaging and the way the bottle looks. I really like how there's more of selection in colors and I will purchase the "Antique Gold" next since I am obsessing over gold for the fall.

I tried this product out since the store I bought it from ran out of the color of another concealer I used to use. Pros: affordable, not heavy looking on my face and blends well on my skin. It also covers well under my eye area to make me look bright eyed. I like the sponge wand. Cons: hard to get product out since I used it everyday. It seemed like some of the product dried up on the bottom of tube and sticks on side of the bottle.

I love this palette not only because of the price for it but also for the numerous colors to choose from. I love how it doesn't feel heavy on my eyes and I can create many smokey looks. As a beginner in using eye shadows especially for a smokey effect, I love this palette endless choices and many ways to mix and match the colors.

Growing up and getting my nails done at the salons, only carried Essie. I would always wear, ballet slippers or fiji. Ive then tried there funky and bright colors in hot pinks and blues. I also had a favorite vanity fair which was a pale pink with glitter in it. I do like the colors but not a huge fan since it chips easily and doesnt last long on nails. I still use Essie though because of my favorite polish color.

I love this product, its something different to add a funky yet fun look to your nails. I know back in the 90's another brand did shatter polishes and im happy its back on trend again since its so much fun. So easy to apply and you can wear it alone or with another shade of polish. It literally shatters in seconds right in front of you and dries fast too. Love it. I always get great comments from people about my nails when I wear it too.

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