Suave Professionals

Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream


Maya L.

I have a lot of awkward whisps and flyaways, so this product definetly calmed those down a bit. Although, they should have put on there not to brush after you apply. I keep forgetting to remind myself not to, because whenever I do, then my hair actually friezes out and clings more than it did before! Nice job, keep trying, professionals.

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Rhea S.

I have a lot of baby hairs and fly aways at the top of my head. This product has been working wonders for me, I usually would use gel or hair spray which made my hair look un-natural since my baby hairs are really annoying. It would make my hair look crisp because of the hair spray and I don't like that look. I've put the product on while my hair is damp and then after combing my hair out, I put a pea size again around the crown of my hair. The whole day my hair has looked so natural, didn't have to keep checking if my baby hairs were sticking out. When I put my fingers through my hair it still stayed down and super soft. I'm really happy I found my match and at a really affordable price. Great buy!

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