Beauty Product Reviews

LOVE IT!! its all i use on my brushes

I really like this brush cleaner... its all i trust with my brushes, it cleans them really well and leaves them lovely and soft too. Im almost out so when it finally does go ill have to get another as its all i use and trust. it gets all of the eyeshadow out, even the highly pigmented colour like electric eel and Chrome yellow, leaving my white brushes finally white again haha :P

I have this in Reflects Transparent teal

its amazing, especially over black sharkskin shadestick! or over a white eyeliner in the corner of your eye, it looks beautiful at night under different lighting. I'v used it many times and in many makeup looks some more dramatic than others and it lasts forever, i still have almost a whole pot left haha :)

Bright and stay on a long time too

OK so i love Bright lipsticks my fav is 62 bright pink! it stays on through drinking...and even eating toast haha its kind of dry though so i apply my eos lip balm first and it glided on. can look streaky if applied funny but i don't have much of a problem with it. looks great and doesn't go on my teeth which is a bonus!

Great and Funky

I love this sooo much im addicted to trying new colours underneath it and watching it crack to reveal the colours underneath haha, only negative is that its a little bit thick... but apart from that awesomeeeeee!!!

really bright colours

I love the way they go on bright and really shiny, i apply two coats and its bright eye popping colour,,, i have quite a few of their colours for the "rainbow" effect haha and i love them just as much as i do O.P.I

Another great smudging brush, good for beginners

I Love this brush for blending along the lash line, also for smudging out black or dark brown eyeliner for a really great smokey eye, works well with sharkskin shadestick on the lower lid for a great rocker look. its a great size at its small enough to be precise and large enough to do some of the blending in smaller areas.

Great beginner brush

I love this brush especially for creating depth in the eye socket its great for blending out those darker tones and also great for highlighting too :) it has the perfect blend of stiffness and softness to blend your eyshadows out perfectly

LOVE it!! use it daily

Not a day goes past that i don't use this, i prefer it to U.D.P.P and T.F.S.I ,,,, it not only acts as a concealer for me but as a great primer and base to :D

Very Smooth and tastes good also

I love these Balms i have 3 and i use them allot everyday :) they are easy to find in your bag, help dry lipsticks glide on and they are my fav balms!!!