Beauty Product Reviews

If I had to have only one set, this would be it!

I fell in love with these brushes one year ago. I bought them initially because I thought my daughters would love the characters and take care of them well. They do, but I fell in love with their use. I recommend these for anyone who hasn't purchased a set of their own or for someone who already had a set but doesn't like to carry all 8 brushes with. These 3 are awesome for the eyes. I mostly use these 3 all the time. Great quality. Adios amigos perfects my blending mechanism with eye contouring. I also like the way they feel when I'm handling them.

Candy eyed paint job

This is one awesome primer! aside form packaging being right, I owe it to this product that makes my eye-shadows shine and sparkle! and it makes my make-up last through out my day.

For the Cleopatra in you

I needed a black water resistant crayon eyeliner. And this is it! I've been using it since 2009 and I love it. It even comes with it's own sharpener. Fancy.

a must have

aside from the price and that I can find it at my local Food 4 Less or Target for a $1 and works as good as the ones that cost 10x that, you can't go wrong. I've even bought some for my GFs that haven't tried a foundation brush. I can carry it with me or travel with it and I won't get pissed if I need to replace it.

Wearing it since 2005

I love it! being a mother of 5 I needed something for those sleepless nights. I don't like dark circles under my eyes and more so I like how just a tiny bit under my eyes or on blemishes can do wonders. I never find myself needing to reapply unless I have plans for the evening. good stuff.