Lime Crime Makeup

Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper Eyelid Primer

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Kelly P.
Must have

This product is perfect to help keeping your eyeshadow on all day. Make sure when applying your shadow you don't have to much product on the brush because it will stay. It helps to make the shadow not move.

Lou O.
love this!

I really like the texture of this primer, it is creamy and has a nice level of stickiness for shadows to cling to. It doesn't pull on your eyelid and goes on easily. The beige colour also helps, just a little, to colour correct your eyelids. Eyeshadows come out brighter, last longer and blend and go one easier with this eyeshadow helper. I will repurchase for sure. PS cute packaging also :) bonus!

Samantha V.

I have tried any primer ever, Nars, Too Faced, Urban Decay even cheapy ones like Nyx and Elf. This beats all the other primers ever. Its just absolutely the best!!

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Dangerously E.

if you want you eyeshadow to stay this is the right way to go! this primer is LONG lasting, my eyeshadow never moves and last all day and night till i take it off:) its thick but dosen't bug me, only thing is that its diffcult to blend with, but overall great product!

Hannah A.
Perfect for bright shadows

Makes colors go on very bright. A little thick, but that doesn't bother me. It really helped even out the redness on my eyelids. And you can even use this on your lips.

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Diana M.
Candy eyed paint job

This is one awesome primer! aside form packaging being right, I owe it to this product that makes my eye-shadows shine and sparkle! and it makes my make-up last through out my day.

Kassie K.
Better than Too Faced!
Photo of product included with review by Kassie K.

This is going to sound really bizarre but this primer is better than TFSI! It makes shadows last forever, make them bright and prevent creasing. This almost eliminates the use of NYX JEP in Milk because it makes the shadows so much more pigmented than on their own! I docked half a star because mine came a little cracked :/

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Nabila L.

I recently purchased this primer about a month ago I believe and I love it. I also have the urban decay primer and I find that the Lime Crime one works a bit better than the urban decay one but I love them both. It really keeps the colors vibrant and fresh looking throughout the day and night.

Christina H.
Holy Grail

This is my go to primer for vibrant looks. I love this product. Although, I don't like it so much for really muted looks. Also, if I put Hard Candy Baked Eye Shadow over this, it DOES NOT blend. Still an excellent product.

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ashley h.
excellent primer

i absolutely love this primer! i won this in a Christmas contest a year ago right when i *really* started getting into make up. i knew this was a good primer, but it wasn't until i started experimenting with different primers & such, i realized what a great primer it is! it's still creamy after a year! i've discovered that i really like using it if i'm using more of natural or brown colors (think naked pallette) that really don't need a white base or especially powdery/shimmery colors. i know the shadows going to stick to the primer the first time i apply it! as long as i blend the product out well, i never have creasing & my shadow doesn't fade! not to mention the cute packaging! if you don't like the finger dipping method, i suggest investing in a tiny scrapper because this product is worth having! it was one of my first primers & it's definitely one of my favorites!