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Beauty Product Reviews

love love love!

fab tool which I'd like to say I use religiously but need to get in the habit of using more, despite having had mine for nearly two years! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh, a big thumbs up from me x

great bag reliever!

I like this as an under eye brightener and to lift lines around the mouth, for me it's a bit too light reflective to cover spots but a great product none the less. The pot will last for aaaages but I'm not really a fan of the pot for hygiene reasons, and I have to use a brush to take it out or I end up with tonnes under my nails :/


love this! It glides on so smoothly, giving a subtle yet gorgeous sheen. It can go on top of powders and blushes without rubbing which has other products have disappointed me on before.


Yes I may well have all the other palettes and colours but I had to have this one ok?!! Its fab, the textures and sheens are the usual amazing standard and I like some of the darker shades, great for Autumn/Winter (although don't tell it but my Naked palette will always remain my true favourite!) Gorgeous Gorgeous Packaging too.

Naff Brush!

Sorry to go against the grain but I wasn't overwhelmed with this one! I have to be honest and say the brush really irritates me, its a bit too hard and stiff. The actual product saves this review because it is long lasting and a dream to apply with the right tool! Its long lasting, I have the black one and its a very intense colour.

Long Term Favourite!

This has been my favourite mascara for years and years! I have strayed from the path and tried many others along the way but always veered back to Diorshow! and no, Blackout is not the same, for some reason I don't like that one! Even though I now spend stupid amounts on my eyelash extensions every fortnight I still buy this to keep them in order! Please don't tell the husband.

My Wedding Perfume!

Such a wonderful scent that evokes memories of my Big Day every time I spray it on - I don't wear it to work everyday as that would dilute the magic of it. Its floral but still warm - one of my favourites.

I need them all!

Love love love, from the spongey like texture thats easy to apply right through to the subtle shimmer it gives to the lid. Amazing quality and colours, I only have the one - the purpley dark mauvey one which is a lovely Autumn hue - but I came away from the department store with my hand smeared with all the lovely colours!!! I want them all!!!

Glad I was late to the game!

I was so late to the game on this! I had the mini tube with my Naked palette and loved it so much I went out to buy a full size one, it now comes in colours!!! I have Sin and its brill, a hint of colour as well as a base - and a fab base at that - long wearing and makes my eyeshadows go on like a dream, I use it every day!

Loving This!

Its amazing how quickly the knots are tamed on my long hair - its fine but lots of it and when it wants to tangle it just goes for it!!! Have taken this to the gym most mornings and it works a treat on my stubborn locks. I should have bought the travel version as I threw the box out and have to carry it loose and am scared of damaging its little pink bristles!!! The bristles seem to collapse when hitting a knot so they don't tear through it which leaves me with less of a headache too!

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