Beauty Product Reviews

Best Base Eyeshadow!

I alwaaaaays use this white pencil to cover my eyes before putting on any eyeshadow. It works great as a primer because then the eyeshadows are true to color. My jumbo eye pencil has never creased on me, I have normal eyelids not too oily and not too dry. Some people don't realize that you can sharpen them though! You just need a big enough pencil sharpener.

The Only Heat Protectant I Ever Use

Unlike other heat protectants, I find that this one does not leave my hair crunchy or sticky feeling. It also still allows my hair to move freely after being curled and straightened instead of making it stick in place. I have used this for about a year now, always going back to it after trying a new heat protectant and having bad results. Love it!

My Less Expensive Alternative

This product is my drugstore version of my Macadamia deep repair masque. I find that it does leave my hair feeling very smooth after I get out of the shower and my ends feel a lot less dry. I don't think its any sort of miracle worker, but it definitely helps damaged hair to feel less damaged. I have repurchased 3 times already.

Miracle Worker!

Macadamia is an awesome brand to begin with, and this deep repair masque really lives up to the brand. It is a little expensive for my liking, but if you're devoted to having healthy hair then it is entirely worth it. When I use this product, I don't follow the instructions because I feel like if you used this quickly while still in the shower after having just washed your hair, then it makes me feel like I am rushed and wasting it. Instead, I spray my hair with a spray bottle until it is damp, then apply the product on the second half of my hair starting at the ends and lastly put it up with a clip and a shower cap on top. I let that sit for about 20-30 minutes and then get my shower. I find that this really gives it time to sit on my hair and leaves it so soft and smooth after I wash it all out!

Use this everyday!

I think this product is amazing for the amount of money it costs, I picked mine up at Target. Before applying I shake the bottle and even though it is liquidy I just spot a few dabs on my cheekbones and blend it out with my fingers. I think it gives an awesome shimmery finish and I have repurchased this time and time again.

My Go-To Foundation

My view on high-end foundations isn't that positive because I always find spending that much money on something like that isn't justified because you can get good quality foundations straight from the drugstore for half the price, however this foundation has changed my mind. I wouldn't consider it to be overly expensive, it was $32 dollars at my local sephora I believe. I found this foundation to not be heavy on the face, full coverage, the lasting power was amazing and it looked great in photos! What more can you ask for? I would recommend this foundation to any skin type, as mine is combination and it works perfectly for me!