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  • Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist
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    Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist

    Working with clients like Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna, celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff is a red carpet beauty expert. Here, Ashunta shares her makeup tips on everything from applying false lashes to looking good in the spotlight.

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  • Galaxy Nail Tutorial

    Galaxy Nail Tutorial

    With the new year in full swing, why not look to the future and get inspired by space! Try this simple step-by-step tutorial and have the universe at your fingertips. Keep reading to see how to achieve this manicure.

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  • High Heels and Pedicures

    High Heels and Pedicures

    Hello, Carrie Bradshaw! For Red PR president Julia Labaton, representing one of the country’s biggest nail polish companies, CND, means perfect pedicures are a job requirement. And when you add her killer shoe collection into the mix, it’s a match made in heaven. Beautylish journeyed to her gorgeous New York City apartment to snap some pictures of her favorite shoe and polish combinations.

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  • A Glimpse Into The Chriselle Factor

    A Glimpse Into The Chriselle Factor

    She’s a fashion stylist, YouTube guru, and Style Director at the glossy fashion magazine “Genlux.” Beautylish chats with Chriselle Lim—the gorgeous face behind The Chriselle Factor—about pink lipstick, her signature waves, and matching your makeup to your outfit.

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  • Frosted Fingertips

    Frosted Fingertips

    Glitter nails have taken the beauty world by storm! We've never seen so many different ways to make your fingers sparkle. Click through to discover which type of glitter polish you like—or already wear— the most.

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  • Will You Wear 2012’s Hottest Color?

    Will You Wear 2012’s Hottest Color?

    Color-lovers around the world have already heard the latest news in hues—2012’s top shade is Tangerine Tango! Keep reading to learn more about Pantone’s color of the year.

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  • So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 1

    So You Want a Career in Beauty? Part 1

    You read Beautylish religiously and love everything about beauty, so what's stopping you from starting a career in your favorite industry? In a new four-part quiz series, we'll be testing you each week to see where you fit in the beauty biz!

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  • Fairy Tale Inspiration

    Fairy Tale Inspiration

    Happy endings aren’t the only reason we adore fairy tales. The classically beautiful heroines we grew up with are an endless source of hair and makeup ideas. Keep reading to discover how to modernize these timeless romantic looks.

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  • Look 5 Pounds Thinner with Makeup!
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    Look 5 Pounds Thinner with Makeup!

    The most common New Year's resolution is to lose weight. And with 2012 just around the corner, eating healthy and hitting the gym will be on many of our minds. Fortunately, makeup can come in handy when you need to sculpt a more slender shape. Keep reading for easy contouring tricks from Jennifer Lopez's makeup guru Scott Barnes.

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  • The Zoe Report: What to Wear to The Beauty Social
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    The Zoe Report: What to Wear to The Beauty Social

    For a weekend of mingling and makeup at The Beauty Social, you need to look your sexiest, hottest ever! We teamed up with Zoe Beautiful and The Zoe Report, two of Rachel and Team Zoe's daily emails, to inspire your perfect weekend outfit.

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