Fairy Tale Inspiration


image courtesy of Fiona Quinn/Bullet Mag

When it comes to children's fairy tales, two things are certain: There will be a happy ending, and the heroine is always beautiful. These female characters’ stunning features are what makes them unforgettable. It’s fun to re-create storybook characters for Halloween, but you can also modernize the fabled looks for every day. Check out a few of our favorite ideas from timeless leading ladies.

images courtesy of Andreea Retinschi and Hemera/ThinkstockSNOW WHITE

Snow White is described with "skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony." What better time to copy her look than right now? Highlight your pale, wintertime complexion by dusting a frosty shadow in the inner eye corners and add contrast with a rosy blush high on the cheekbones. For the finishing touch, paint a juicy red pout.

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Rapunzel's legendary superlong locks are the perfect inspiration for creating a messy modern day side braid. Before loosely braiding, boost texture by back-combing your tresses. Then gently tug strands from the plait. You can also try a statement wrap-around style with a milkmaid headband on top.

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Mel P. and Madame FigaroTHE LITTLE MERMAID

Mimic the glistening fishtail on a mermaid by layering an aqua polish with a gradient glitter effect on the tips (like Mel P., left). Opt for gold and green glitter to stay true to the under-the-sea vibe. Or create a color splash by rimming your lids with an ocean hue. Slick-back your tresses with gel for a lacquered-locks effect and you’ll look fresh out of the water!

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