Beauty Product Reviews

amazing color and packaging, bad consistency

i have "smooth talker", the one thats a dupe for benefits sugarbomb, and really really like it but the only negative is that its really powdery so A TON of product comes off on the brush and then flies in the air when i tap of the crazy amount of excess. and then it doesn't stay on that long. i love the color, packaging and concept and its a really good buildable blush but its just too powdery and doesn't have great staying power

always an amazing formula and even better customer relations

this company is probably the best in terms of deals and incentives. they are always running specials and promotions and just has amazing customer service. for example, they had a giveaway for their newest collection and of course i didn't win but they sent out an email to anyone who didn't win and said sorry but heres a code for free shipping. i dunno if other people are impressed by that but i am! plus the polish speaks for itself ... every single one i have are opaque in 2 coats and dries super fast. quickly becoming the brand i have the most polish from

loved it originally

i was totally in love with this perfume for the first month i wore it ... i couldn't get enough, i carried it around with me everywhere so if it was fading i could reapply. but after a while it started to smell a lot like the sunrippened raspberries from bath and body works from forever ago if anyone remembers that scent. maybe it was my chemistry but after a while it started to smell cheap on me

not as great as i hoped ...

i bought these after seeing some reviews and trying out other things from the "yes to ..." line and really liking them. but these were disappointing. i find that they don't remove waterproof mascara that well so i end up rubbing my eyes harder than i would with other products, which in turn makes my eyes burn. seems like a lot of other people have problems with this product burning too.


butter london is truly amazing!! i can't say enough good things about these polishes!! they dry really fast, every color i've ever tried is opaque in 2 coats and for some of them opaque in 1, amazing names for anyone who likes british culture, and they stay on my nails for a long ass time.

although the colors aren't terribly unique, the formula and the ease of application make it my hands down favorite and i'm always reaching for these polishes.

AMAZING! but pricey

i have 7 deborah lippmanns and i'm contemplating buying a few more! they are by far the best glitters on the market and for anyone who can avoid the nauseating price its worth it!!!!

why a nail polish is $18 i don't know but its worth it for the unique glitters, the fast dry time, the opaque jelly finish, and all the compliments you get while you wear it

Good at Cracking but HORRIBLE brush!

this crackle made me rethink my previous opinion of crackle polishes. i hated the opi, i wasn't a fan of a china glaze and i never wanted to buy any more crackles. but for some reason i gave in and bought this one. it cracks waaaaaay better than the opi and the china glaze but the brush is just horrible! the brush is the stiffest, thinnest, and most god-awful i've ever used and makes it half a nightmare to use. th

i did an entire blog post about this if you wanna know my full opinion in much more detail ...

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always seem to go back to it!

i paint my nails almost every single day so i go thru top coat all the time. i love to experiment with different brands but for some reason i always end up going back to seche vite. although i hate the price tag compared to other quick dry top coats it seems to dry the fastest and even if i paint it over tacky nails it creates the best anti-nic or deny barrier ever. cuts dry time in half

rose quartz is beautiful!

i have rose quartz and pearl ... i think i'm going to return pearl because i feel like i won't use it as much since its more of a highlight than a blush or bronzer. but the rose quartz is gorgeous! gives your checks a fantastic rosy glow/pink dewey look or at least it does on my skin tone. only negative, l(ike every other mineralized skin finish) gotta watch that you aren't too heavy handed so your checks don't look too shiny and the price kind of sucks. even though i know its mac and i realize before check out its expensive, 28.50 is still a lot to spend on a highlight or blush.

i do find that if you want to use just the outside ring or just the middle this product can be a little tideous because you need a small brush and then the application takes longer.

Positively Horrible!

the worst out of all the cracking nail polishes i've tried! i've now tried 4 different brands of cracking polish and opi is the worst out of all of them and the silver is even worse than the black. for some reason (maybe its the shimmer) it doesn't crack at all. hopefully the picture will show what i mean. but if you really want a cracking silver polish sally hansen's "fractured foil" is much better