Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka Forbidden Flower


Charnell C.

This smell reminds me of the First fragrance by Lolita, but it does has differences. This one has more floral notes that the the other. It has great staying power and its a perfume I would definitely repurchase

April S.
Smells great, but sooo expensive!

I got a sample of this when I shopped at Sephora. I tried it and love it so much that when it was gone I was sad! LOL I went back to attempt a purchase of this and OH NO!, too expensive for me right now. Just the 1 oz is $50! Maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and buy it.

Brenda R.
nice floral , without being too floral

i've smelled too many perfumes that have a floral scent but instead of being nice and feminine, they smell more old lady than anything else, this perfume has the perfect floral scent, it's a happy , youthfull,and refreshing scent that has the perfect amount of sweetness added in that i feel is just perfect for a formal event or special occasion

Holly H.
loved it originally

i was totally in love with this perfume for the first month i wore it ... i couldn't get enough, i carried it around with me everywhere so if it was fading i could reapply. but after a while it started to smell a lot like the sunrippened raspberries from bath and body works from forever ago if anyone remembers that scent. maybe it was my chemistry but after a while it started to smell cheap on me