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A Morning Must Have!

I use this everyday in the morning to help my eyes wake up and look alive. It's soothing and it definitely helps de-puff your eyes. I like to keep one on my bedside table so I can use it as soon as my alarm goes off to help my eyes wake up. =)

Everyday must have!

I love this so much! I have been using it everyday for about 3 months now. It really does cover and brighten really well. I now don't even have to use regular concealer because this works so well!

Great Buy!

For a a dollar this brush is great! I use it more that I use my MAC ones. The only downside is that the brushes aren't very consistent. Some are stiffer than others, but they are still worth the price!


I am not a fan of this brush. It's too scratchy! For a dollar I guess it's not bad but I recommend spending the extra two dollars and get the studio line one.

Love it!

I am really not a fan of foundations and rarely wear anything more than tinted moisturizer and powder. Sometimes I feel like I need a little more and this stuff is great for that. It is so light! I often forget that I'm wearing foundation. It is also very build-able and looks great in photos. =)


Perfect for everyday! I use it all the time. I put All That Glitters in the crease and Naked Lunch as the highlight. It;s very natural with a touch of flair.

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