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Eye Shadow


Amanda D.

I am in love with this colour! I have been using it for years now and I find it not only to be a perfect highlight eye shadow but I also love using it as a base colour and blending it in with another soft pink, purple or gold colour.

The colour is gorgeous and is very soft. It is one of those colours that can be used for most looks depending on how you play it up!


Julie A.
Better than Naked Lunch!

This is probably my all time favorite MAC color. For a while I was using Naked Lunch and was really disappointed in the color payoff. I had to pack on a ton of product to get the results I wanted so I went to the MAC counter and swatched everything in sight. I found Jest and fell in love. Its really similar in color to Naked Lunch but it's so much better. Unlike Naked Lunch, the pigmentation is incredible and its creamy and soft (whereas Naked Lunch feels dry and hard to work with). I don't see a lot of people talking about this color on YouTube but it definitely deserves a shoutout! Its my go-to lid and highligher color!!

Melissa H.
must have

i use Jest as an all over lid colour it is gorgeous and kinda a little bit reminds me of sin from urban decay this is a colour if i ever ran out of i would deffo repurchase. it is a subtle not to in your face pink, it is gorgeous to wear with satin taupe or handwritten which i use (:

Melissa S.

Perfect for everyday! I use it all the time. I put All That Glitters in the crease and Naked Lunch as the highlight. It;s very natural with a touch of flair.

Victoria S.
It's JEST a good staple to have...

I'd describe Jest as the slightly peachier and froster cousin of MAC Shroom. It's a great staple to have in any collection. The frost factor is definitely in full swing on this one, so if you prefer a SUBTLE shimmer, this is not the neutral base for you.

I like pairing this shadow with lots of colors because it's so versatile, but I tend to combine it with taupes (like MAC Satin Taupe or Shu ME 850) for the day, then amp it up with black shadow on the outer corners at night.

There are a ton of dupes out there for this particular shade, but it's a high quality and buttery shadow to have :)

***Please see my review on Sumptuous Olive for a quick and general overview of MAC eyeshadows