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GOOD but wish it didn't....

Its Good but it creases like no other. I even tried to use UDPP under it and it still creases. They need to fix that. SUBSCIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

it ok nothing special

Its..... ok. its a an Average eyeliner. its creamy and smooth. Its pigment. But that all depends if you get a good one or not. you never know if you maybe get a GREAT one or BAD one. I recommend ya to try to open it in to store to see if it dried up or not. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE:

The Cream Founduation I tried

I love this products. I normally have great skin but I do have under eye circles and a few pimple scars on my face. I use this product more as a concealer then a Founduation. It works so well under my eyes and covers really well. It long lasting but build on your skin and doesn't make your skin look cakey. Such a great product. Check out my channel and SUBSCRIBE:

This is my first gel liner i have tried. it was only $3.99 at my beauty supply. So far i used it twice and LOVE IT! its very pigmented, long-lasting, doesn't smudge easily, and I believe it water-proof too. the only bad thing is that its kinda hard to get off with just soap and water alone so I use olive to get it "ALL" off. But other then that it a great product. Check out my videos and SUBSCRIBE TO my channel:

I Like this product. its that expensive for a creme blush. It glides on pretty well. and has GREAt color pay off. This worth the money and will last you a long time. I had mine for 10months i think and am still not done with it lol

Waste of Money. Its Just water with minerals that do nothing on the skin. It is very cooling on the skin but other then that it does NOTHING. Don't waste your money

I don't have this product or any hard candy products. The reason being is because IT TOO HARD TO FIND. My walmart doesn't even sell hard candy and I don't think i can buy there products. They need to market there products better and place them in place where people can FIND betta like Rite Rid

I LOVE this foundation. The only problem is that it doesn't last long on the skin, its not sweat or water-proof, and that it takes TOO LONG to dry to a satin or matte finish. It does cover pretty well and evens out my skin tone pretty gone. a little too water but very light weight. Subscribe to my channel on Youtube please

Its ok if u put another more lasting primer under it like Urbandecay's primer potion. This product does Crease and I feel like it dries out my eye lid a bit. It does bright up eyeshadows but it doesn't last long. This is a waste of money.

Check me out on youtube and SUBSCRIBE please it would really mean a lot

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I only have 2 for now but I did have 3. Their so smooth and not the sticky on me. I feel like the light colors are alot more wearable then the bright ones are. SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE

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