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Long lasting but can be drying

I would recommend giving it a try, because I personally suffer from dry lips. Perhaps it would have helped if I would have exfoliated before applying? Everyone's lips and skin is different! And Sephora has a really good return policy, so if you don't like it you can return it!

OVERALL PROS & CONS Pro - Shiny without being sticky Pro - Good color payoff Pro - Long lasting (But now 24/7) Pro - Does not smudge Pro - Comes in 17 colors Con - Dries lips and cracks at end of day Con - Somewhat difficult to remove

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So far so good!

Tried it for the first time today and I love it! it doesn't necessarily make my pores disappear, BUT it works a lot better than other face primers that Ive used in the past. Minimizes shine as well! Can't wait to use this more often and to use it on future clients :-)

Good but not great

I can't blame the product, I do have a pretty oily t-zone, so if you're extra oily I would be sure to carry some powder in your makeup bag. However, I think it's a really good primer. Smooths out my skin very nicely. This product will definitely not go to waste :-)

Must have!

I use this every day! I due a basic natural look every day since I don't wake up early enough to jazz my eyes up. However, I do use it on the weekends, and with a little extra MAC paint pot or a NYX jumbo pencil it works just perfectly. My eyes are a little extra oily, so I do have to use a little something extra, but overall I really do love this stuff :-)

Can't live without this stuff!!

I bought this product two years ago, and just bought a new bottle a few weeks ago at the Makeup Show in LA. I absolutely LOVE this product. My eyebrow hairs are long and they tend to just fall even if I use wax. I was so happy when I finally tried this eyebrow sealer. My eyebrows stay perfect all day at work, or if I'm out on the weekend. If you have unruly brows this is the product for you, and it is a staple to have in your makeup kit!!!

Shiny Hair everywhere!

This stuff is also another good Moroccan Oil product, but be careful not too put to much in your hair or it will look a little greasy, but it does add shine if applied to ends. Also helps fly aways a bit, and smells amazing of course! A little bit goes a long way :-D

Silky Smooth Hair

I already have straight hair, but its not exactly perfect, it tends to get pretty dry since I slightly curl the ends every day. When I got my hands on this product I immediately loved it. I could really feel a difference, my hair actually felt super soft. Really helps your scalp too, and smells so good!

Everything you need in one!

Being that NARS is pretty pricey, this is definitely worth the price. Instead of purchasing blush and highlighters separately you can get this trio for a good price. It is includes the best of NARS, at least in my opinion they're the best. The Albatross highlighter gives an amazing glow, and Orgasm blush is a perfect blush for fall or summer. Laguna bronzer is also a must have to add some warmness to your cheeks. You can use them all together or separately, and they come in this cool little package that's perfect for travel or on-the-go!

Works as a great base!

I don't use this liner as a regular liner. However, I tend to use this as a base when doing a smokey eye or I use it on my lower and upper waterlines for a more dramatic look. It applies very creamy and smooth, so be careful not to push down too hard when applying. If used as a regular liner it does tend to smudge, so I recommend applying a matte black shadow over it or a color of your choice. It takes a long time for you to sharpen this bad boy until its last use, so I think its definitely worth the price ($18). I used this as a base for the look attached.

GREAT liner for a great price!

I always see E.L.F. items on sale at Target, or they have holiday sets, so I picked up a 3 pack of liners for $3 !! It came with black, silver, and gold glitter. I've only used the black one so far and I LOVE it!! who new a liner for $1 could work so well! It stays on all day and it applies really easily. The brush applicator is perfect for creating winged or 'cat' liner. This is seriously bang for your buck!

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