Hydrating Styling Cream


Becky D.

I use this daily. Just a couple pumps applied to toweled dried hair, right before the blow dryer does wonders!! Leaves my hair silky, soft less frizz. Best product I've bought to eliminate frizz.

Erica W.
Makes Hair So Soft and Shiny!

Your hair will thank you for using this! My hair is naturally wavy (which basically means impossible to style). I finally found a product that I can just throw in and gives my waves definition--think that beachy hair look--adds a ton of shine, body, and hold without weighing my hair down. I use this on my days off when I don't want to abuse my hair with a blow dryer and flat iron.

Elizabeth W.
My favorite moroccan oil product

I'm a hair stylish at a salon that uses Moroccan Oil, and this is by far my favorite. It keeps the hair from getting dryed out while you blow dry and style it. It protects the hair, and it always tames friz. I call it magic in a bottle, and all my guests go crazy over it!

Carolyn L.

This works well on various hair types. My clients rave about moroccanoil products. I really can say it's well worth any cost and it keeps the customers happy. So if it's not in you salon pantry, pick it up today @ your local Regis Salon or the website, Whatever you need Morrocan has it.

Lauren F.
Use it on (almost) everyone

i love this stuff! smoothes hair for straight blowdry's, gives a little bit of hold for bouncy flip blowdry's. Use a half pump for fine hair and up to 2 pumps for thick hair. Of course, if you apply it too close to your scalp its going to look greasy and heavy so start on the ends and work up if needed (fine hair only needs this on ends). pretty much cant live without it.

Danielle M.

I use this when I want to straighten my hair. I have thick, naturally curly hair and this tames my frizz and gives the hold I need to keep my hair straight. It smells delicious and you don't need alot of the product. It also doesn't weight my hair down at all. The bottle was around $30, but I've had it for what seems like forever. It is definitely worth the money!

Melissa S.
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Make's my curls so much curlier and not weighted down. No frizz !!! This stuff is a must for anyone with curly hair!!! You wont be dissapointed, and the smell is so fresh and clean.

Jamillah H.
great on all hair!

I wear my hair naturally [no relaxers] and this cream is amazing for it. My hair is naturally very dry, especially in the winter. However, this cream does miracles!! I keeps moisture in my hair and keeps it soft and manageable throughout the day, I only wash my hair every two weeks, but I co-wash it a couple times a week so build up has never been an issue. Plus I love the smell =]

Abby K.

I use this every single time I blow dry my hair. It hydrates it, fights frizz, and leaves behinnd the delicious smell of Moroccanoil. It gives a nice, light hold while providing shine and silkiness to my otherwise dry, dull hair.

Evelyn M.
Shiny Hair everywhere!

This stuff is also another good Moroccan Oil product, but be careful not too put to much in your hair or it will look a little greasy, but it does add shine if applied to ends. Also helps fly aways a bit, and smells amazing of course! A little bit goes a long way :-D