Beauty Product Reviews


Honestly it doesn't work for me. In the summer the texture turns greasy and in winter it doesn't moisture enough. In terms of effectiveness I didn't noticed anything in two weeks not even when the jar was empty. Such a waste of money...

Dual purpose

I like it! It works well as a medium coverage concealer and also works as an higlighter. Moderation is necessary, if not it will look cakey and crease. A concealer brush is also necessary if not this product will not work properly. If you're considering a cheap cosmetic concealer this one is a bit pricey but in terms of amount of product it definetly pays off.

It does what is suposed to do. Finishing touches. But it wont last on your face. The holes in the jar are too big so when it opens, if you're not carefull, leaves dust everywhere. Also the kabuki brush is to harsh on my sensitive skin.

It's not the perfect concealer... Ok it covers well but it shows that you have concealer on your face. Also it does not blend well with your foundation. Its too thick. I would prefer another product, less expensive and more effective.

Fat Balms : blush + lipstick

I'm loving the tofee fat balm from Eyeko. It gives that natural nude color to your lips as well a natural blush to your cheeks. It has a creamy, high pigmented texture and it comes is a super cute packaging. The quality/ price of the product is really good (less that $10) the down side is that if you're not used to the round shape it can be tricky to use it on the lips.

The best foundation faker!

If you like a natural look but still you want an even, imperfections free face, this foundation faker it's a great product. The creamy base can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingers and because its translucent caracteristic if blend nice and easy with your skin tone, leaving your skin radiand and silky. Just a correction. It's avaliable in three shades one lighter, one normal and one darker shade to match all skin tones.

The easiest concealer!

I have natural dark circles and my skin color don't match regular concealers and foundations. So it's double trouble trying to find a concealer and a foundation that works with my skin, leaving a natural look. The Cargo one base it's a perfect concealer. Easy to apply, high coverage and matches my skin tone. The texture is liquid velvet and with just a few taps you can achieve the desired coverage for really dark circles. And a huge plus is that it blends naturally so you can use it with a foundation or a loose powder. You can use it for small blemishes as well.