Eyeko Fat Balm

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Ceey P.
Only tried it on the lips.

I have the strawberry one & it is quite super. Although, I do find the tube extremely big and I don't think there is much need for that as I have to either use a lip brush or my fingertips to apply. But the scent is heavenly and they are incredibly cuuuuute.

Krysty C.
God's gift to lips all over the world.

It's awesome.

Okay, that's too short a review.

It's SUPER awesome.

I've always thought Eyeko products are hit-and-miss, but the balms are really great. I have Strawberry and Cherry (got Cherry for free, actually, thanks to the Eyeko promo) and the colours are insane. Cherry gives lips that hint of reddish freshness. At the risk of sounding weird, it makes lips looks lush and juicy. Strawberry's a nice pink, not too bright or garish but just that right touch of healthy "real" lips.

The only real problem is the size. It's so fat I have to watch it while applying or I'll end up smearing it all over :)

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Asami Gwen C.
Newly Reformulated, Perfect Color Tint
Photo of product included with review by Asami Gwen C.

I have the newly reformulated Strawberry and the new Cherry. (Both pictured.) Strawberry is the perfect everyday lip balm; it's just the right amount of color, smells nice and is hydrating. I reach for this one most frequently as it looks really flattering on. The pigmentation of Cherry on the other hand, really surprised me as it's nearly a lipstick. The upside is that since it's a lip balm, it's far more moisturizing than a lipstick of the same shade might be. The new Fat Balms have SPF, and are free of Mineral oil and lanolin. They're namesake scented, go on smoothly and I am definitely happy with my purchase.

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Micaela F.
Fat Balms : blush + lipstick

I'm loving the tofee fat balm from Eyeko. It gives that natural nude color to your lips as well a natural blush to your cheeks. It has a creamy, high pigmented texture and it comes is a super cute packaging. The quality/ price of the product is really good (less that $10) the down side is that if you're not used to the round shape it can be tricky to use it on the lips.

Luna V.
Cute, but not entirely practical.

I have this product in Raspberry, Strawberry, and a discontinued Silver Glitter. Honestly, I thought this was a gel blush akin to Tarte's when I first bought it, and the Silver Glitter has been used on my cheekbones, around my eyes, and on my chest for nights out. I bought the raspberry thinking it would be less purple, more berry, but I found it a little unwearably dark for a balm. The thick tube also made it a little difficult to apply without the intervention of a fingertip. Despite that, I bought the strawberry. It's much more pink-red, and very fresh and youthful on the lips. Haven't tried either of them as blushes, since they both seemed dark for me.