Finishing Veil Translucent Loose Powder


Julianne J.
Your standard finishing powder for less $

I needed a finishing/setting/translucent powder to set my makeup and I stumbled upon this at the drugstore. I had been having a lot of luck with Maybelline products so I decided to get this. The packaging is cute, classy and minimalist. The plastic of the container seems pretty sturdy and resistant to breakage and the cap seals tightly. I keep my basic face products in a small/medium sized leopard print pouch and the cap to this product never budged- so no messy powder spills in my makeup bag. There is also a TON of product- this thing will last me forever! Also, I think this is probably just as nice as any high end finishing powder ( not 100% sure of course) but its relatively cheap- thats a win! I do like the little brush it came with- I thought it was gonna be cheap, crappy and un-usable like they usually are. I was pleasantly surprised. It came with a mini kabuki with a sturdy plastic handle and a bundle of dense, white hair (synthetic or real?). The "hair" is a little coarse, especially at the top, but its also kind of smooth. A few swirls over my face doesn't seem to irritate my skin. As far as the powder goes I use it to set my foundation/TM/BB cream, and I think it might help cut down the shine of BB/TMs, most likely because of the added SPF. I think it makes my skin a little smoother, and blots down extra moisture. It might help cut down the transfer factor too. Its true that the holes inside let in lots of powder, so I usually just use the powder that accumulates on the underside of the cap, instead of the inner chamber. That and the feeling that I don't notice much of a difference with the way my makeup feels/looks are the only cons for this product. I might just like the act of setting my makeup and feeling reassured that its "set" more than this product actually "working". I would recommend this to beginners to makeup or anyone who wants to play around with inexpensive loose powders. This might help people with oily skin more than me, too. I also avoid powdering my t zone because its extremely dry and is prone to flakes and gunked up face product.

Lauren C.
too much makeup!!!!

i found this to make my face seem orange, this product made me upset because so many people loved it but i hated it.. i turned orange and looked so weird with it...also you could see the fine line of where my makeup started and ended...i was very disappointed

Kayleen W.
Love it

I love this i use it all the time. it hides acene spots and stay on when i am sweating.! the brush is so cute and amazing id use it for any thing.! i love every thing about it but how u really cant tell that it is out or not.

Brittany O.

I like this product because it goes on well, it blend, but I did have a few little troubles. Whenever I put on a faceprimer, even after letting it dry, the power stuck to some areas and I had to work really hard to blend it all out. The next thing is the foundation didnt seem to last all day, maybe its just my skin, but I have used better products. This product isnt bad, but it isnt awesome either.

Jessica B.
The only powder I will use.

Hands down favorite loose powder. I dont use the provided brush though. I just use my own. It blends well with my foundation and I love it. I've been using this for quite some time and if they stop making it I dont know what I'd do.

Michelle G.

Honestly I think it's ok. Sometimes I see that the brush takes off my foundation and I have to redo it. But when I do get it on it lasts for a while. It sometimes fades on me so i have to od on it. But then I have some friends that it works on. So I guess if you know someone who has it try theres before you buy your own. :o Also it makes a huge mess opening it.

Micaela F.

It does what is suposed to do. Finishing touches. But it wont last on your face. The holes in the jar are too big so when it opens, if you're not carefull, leaves dust everywhere. Also the kabuki brush is to harsh on my sensitive skin.

Chelsea D.
Gives me the perfect looking skin!

My face wouldn't be complete without this! I literally use this everyday, and it's such a steal for the price compared to other translucents. It gives me the smooth, blended, doll like look when I use bronzer to contour my apples in my cheeks and blush, It def brings it all together!

Elize M.

I use this to catch fallout when im dealing with messy pigments and colors with lots of fall out...I also like it bc it does gives a nice finish to the complaints

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