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I love this stuff. I had a really bad experience with a few primers. They were way too greasy and made my makeup look blotchy. I bought a travel size of this product to see how well it worked and now I'm hooked! A week after using the travel I bought a large bottle, because it works so well. I hate large pores and my dads side of the family tends to have larger pores, so I'm trying to minimize them immediately haha! Love this product so much.

awesome, two in one!

I bought three of these in Peach Parfait, Cupcake, and Gumdrop. I love how smooth my lips are after these. I usually have very chapped lips and coat my lips in chapstick, then put some color on (or vice versa) but with these its two in one. You get a beautiful color and your lips are moisturized. The only thing I wasn't pleased with is that peach parfait looks much prettier on Emma Stones lips than in real life, still pretty though!

I bought this product in Divine. I love how bright the color is and how long it stays on my lips. I often have dry lips and usually lipstick dries them out even more but this one did not dry out my lips. The only annoying thing is that even after washing my face and scrubbing my lips it stained my lips a bright pink. I finally got it mostly off with my lorreal scrubber haha

Cheap and Awesome

I have a bunch of these, because they're often on sale at Rite Aid for only 99 cents. The colors are awesome and vibrant. The polish dries pretty fast. The only thing I don't really enjoy is how many coats of polish you have to apply for some of the colors.

This lip liner works so well! It glides right on and makes my lips look so much more full. The colors are really nice too. Very inexpensive, so I'm definitely going to purchase more.

I was looking for a nude-ish color, so I bought this lipstick a few days ago in Ulta. They didn't have much left, because they were on sale so I ended up buying Thalia. I'm very fair skinned, so Thalia is a little too dark for me, but if I dab it a few times it's perfect. Very creamy. For the price it works nicely, but the staying power is really weak. Overall, would purchase again.


I really love this product. My boyfriends sister had the acne one which I used a few times, but it wasn't really effective for me. I had a coupon, so I purchased it at Walmart ($4.97 regularly @ Walmart & some places it's $8.) The first time I used it, it felt like I just had a facial. I was amazed at how smooth my face was. It was like a babys butt haha. I use this usually at night when washing my makeup off, because it gets it all off and I can actually see it on the scrubby thing. I haven't had any new break outs so I am pleased.


I have been using Neutrogena's Pore Refining Toner for years now (I still love it) but wanted to try something new because it started to dry out the skin between my eyebrows, so I bought this for sensitive skin. It's cheaper than Neutrogena's and works nicely. I use it in the morning and at night and still hasn't dried my face. It leaves my face feeling so clean and it's gentle enough to remove the excess makeup off my eyes. Definitely going to repurchase.


I misplaced my burts bees and needed chapstick immediately (my lips get REALLY chapped some days) Ulta had these for 2 for $5 so I decided to try it out (I bought the red one). Honestly, at first I HATED it. When I first touched it to my lips I thought there was a plastic wrapper on it and so did my boyfriend. We realized there wasn't, because he made a nail print in it haha. Anyway, I was going to get burts bees, but decided to try Eos one more time before I wasted more money. I tried it again and it was a whole different texture from the first time I used it. It's smooth and just glides right onto my lips leaving them smelling amazing and hydrated. Also, I like the container, because I have a large purse and can't find anything in it, but I always find this lip balm :] Good product!


My friend worked at a salon and gave me a bottle of this. At first I really didn't notice much, but more recently I've been using it and I absolutely love it. I spray into my hands first then spread it through my hair. It makes it super soft and shiny. Even my brother noticed and he doesn't notice my hair much haha. Also, it works well as part of my color staying routine. I have burgundy in my bangs and throughout my hair and honestly reds are either a bitch to get out (after it faded) or keep in. Mine used to fade in a week, now I do use a color protecting shampoo& Conditioner, but I also use this and they all work perfectly together and it lasted for over a month. :] For what it does it's actually pretty cheap, because it does so many different things, I don't have to use any other product.

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