Beauty Product Reviews

Best new trend

Best red color and it goes on perfect like a smooth gloss and then dries like a matte finish. It stays on all day and looks perfect on every skin tone.

Must have

This product is perfect to help keeping your eyeshadow on all day. Make sure when applying your shadow you don't have to much product on the brush because it will stay. It helps to make the shadow not move.

Light but great

I love to use this before curling because it has memory in it to remind the hair how it is styled. You can brush the hair out and it bounces right back. It is light and soft which I love. I am not a huge fan of hard hold so this is perfect!

Best concealer ever

This concealer is awesome to bring everywhere with you. It is easy to fit in your purse and lasts such a long time. I love this because I am a pale person and it isn't to dark for my complexion. It also isn't to thick and look cakey. It always covers my imperfections, but looks flawless.

This Brush Kills it

This brush is by far the best ever brush to have. It adds shines, detangles and makes you feel like you should brush your hair 100 times in a row. It makes your hair so so soft I love it.

Obsessed with this product

This product changes lives. It has argon oil in it to add shine and protects your hair before blow drying. It also helps to speed the process of the blow dry. Bonus! Spray 4-5 sprays on damp hair to get an awesome shine blow out. Or if your hair is dirty and you want to re style with a flat iron then spray on a hair strand and then flat iron.