Bumble and bumble.

Spray de Mode Hairspray


Carina T.
Holds my long thick hair

I have been using Bumble and Bumble since it came out I think. I love it. My hair is so heavy that it will go flat on top unless I use hair spray at the roots in front. This works great for me. I spray the roots in the morning and run my brush through it and go. It holds all day with out getting sticky of stiff. When I open my Beautylish box and saw it I immediately grabbed it and spritz my hair. Perfect!

Paige G.

My hairstylist used this product on me and I instantly loved it. This product smells so good, but works perfectly to hold loose waves. A great product all around.

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Katie C.
My favorite hairspray!

I have super thick hair and often have a hard time finding a hairspray that will hold curls while not making my hair super stiff, and this product does just that!

My curls last all day and my hair still feels soft. I love how light it is.

As a bonus, this product has a great scent and is not too overpowering.

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Kelly P.
Light but great

I love to use this before curling because it has memory in it to remind the hair how it is styled. You can brush the hair out and it bounces right back. It is light and soft which I love. I am not a huge fan of hard hold so this is perfect!

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Lisa S.
great hair spray

Okay so I typically would not shell out 27$ for a hairspray, but I wanted something I felt comfortable using on my hair extensions. This hairspray has a light fruity smell (its barely noticable) and it has such a great hold to it, YET doesnt make your hair feel crunchy and hard. After you spray this hairspray your hair will still feel like your are able to run your fingers through it. Its a great hairspray, worth the price tag :)

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Nadia N.
The best hairspray

This is awesome hairspray! I love this and it doesn't leave your hair sticky at all! It also helps your as being a heat protectant. My hair never feels stiff after I use this.

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