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Me with my Deluxe Clip in Hair Extensions (160 Grams) Ash Blonde

I love these extensions!!! I bought these with my own money and the price for them is great and amazing hair quality! Can't wait for the new Swatch Colour to come out, it'll match my hair perfectly as I like to dye my hair Grey/Ash! Would recommend to anyone, most perfect hair extensions ever, for any occasion!


For sure this eyeliner, is amazing! Although it smudges, it does as it's told and doesn't transfer. You could take a nap in your make-up and it would stay put and wake up looking fabulous. - I did this! haha. I've been searching for the perfect eyeliner pencil and most certainly I've found it! - A one that doesn't smudge in all the wrong places! :)


I absolutely love my extensions from this brand, the girl who runs this is awesome for making such great prices for extensions, and they're such great quality, I can't wait til the new colour comes out which will match my hair when it's the most ashiest! I LOVE MINE! Great quality, quantity, and price! xxxx

Large Pencil Sharpener?

I absolutely adore these products, however, Mine has now gone blunt, I wish Barry M would make a sharpener especially for these products as I wouldn't want to ruin it! Or does Barry M actually have a sharpener for these products, or can you actually use any type of large sharpeners on this product? Let me know guys, much appreciated! xx

100 is my fav!

This shade of Barry M is amazing, I love all Barry M lip paints, I just think they're so great, the quality of them is fab, they last really well! Also I find that the shade 100 is very close to a shade from MAC (can't remember which shade) but it's alot cheap which is a great plus side! Must Have, Definitely! BUY MEEEE! <3 xx

Great for applying liquid foundations!

I found that this brush was soooo soft to touch, practically stroking it whilst putting my Make-Up on. Hehe. I find it helps alot easier to apply the foundation and then help blend it in. :) Awesome Product.

Great for a Make-Up Free day! :)

I Love this Tinted Moisturiser! As I love to keep my skin hydrated and fresh, this is the one for when your either on holiday or having a make-up free day and still have that tint of colour on your face. Hope this review helps as it did for me! :) Love this product!x

Not great.

Hi guys - I found that this foundation didn't last me the way that MAC or anyother high end foundation. I found that it rubbed off quite easily, also I like my foundation quite matted on! but thats just me, but for me, it wasn't overly special, but i do like the other armani products. :)


I absolutely adore this cheek powder, i think the shades inside the product is amazing with hints of glitter, and for my fair-medium skin complexion it really brings out the colour in my face! I bought this product from ebay firstly and when it arrived I'd realised I'd bought 3g or alittle bit more and it was tiny not like the big one, but however, NOW I can't find the little one anywhere because my drugstore and mac counters doesn't sell the small one as it's like a tester. For the small one I paid like 3/4's less of the money but I didnt flicker cause I just thought it was cheap. But the little one doesn't leave my 'going out' make up bag, I LOVE IT! If anyone knows where to buy the small please let me know, also make sure it ships to the UK :) Xxxx

Best Mascara EVER

I'm going to be well and truely honest about this product...... ILOVEIT! hehe Seriously though, the brushes inside is amazing, one for packing on the volume and another for just a light touch of colour and slight volume. I love this product. It's definitely a must have for me.

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