PowerPoint Eye Pencil


Kamara B.

For sure this eyeliner, is amazing! Although it smudges, it does as it's told and doesn't transfer. You could take a nap in your make-up and it would stay put and wake up looking fabulous. - I did this! haha. I've been searching for the perfect eyeliner pencil and most certainly I've found it! - A one that doesn't smudge in all the wrong places! :)

Valencia F.
Kit Staple

Rarely have I seen a pencil do what this does. I disagree with it not smudges beautifully for me but it stays put and does not transfer. I own quite a few pencils in multiple colors and finishes. I can not live without my Engraved though.

Jessica C.
Great daily liner

I love how smooth this goes on and it lasts all day! The pigment is incredibly rich and matte. All in all, this is the best eyeliner I've ever used.

Mindy N.
LOVE this eye liner

this eye liner works great. it stays on for a long time and doesn't fade. this is my absolute favorite, go-to eye liner and it always will be.

Jane F.
My favorite eyeliner

This is my daily go-to eyeliner. Goes on so smoothly. Unlike a lot of eyeliner pencils that I have tried, you don't have to push hard go get it on.

I have been using this now for 6 years+. And absolutely love it!

I use the Buried Treasure one, and the swatch actually looks a lot lighter than it is. It goes on like a very dark brown.