Beauty Product Reviews

645 Red Revival

Red Revival is the BEST red lipstick for girls with olive skin like mine. I absolute LOVE this red lipstick, goes on smooth, long lasting and smells great! This is a must have!

I like :)

I really like these lip balms, they moisturize without leaving my lips feeling greasy. The packaging is the cutest i have ever seen! i really love this product because unlike other lips balm it does have an petrolatum.


I absolutely LOVE this eye makeup remover, it is amazing! its not oily and it doesn't leave your eye area feeling shiny or oily, its a great product for the price, i have an awesome rep, (www.marykay,com/jollieoliva)

These eyeshadows would be great for a very subtle natural look, they aren't very pigmented. But as for the 12 hours... 4- 5 hours with no primer and 6-8 with primer (i have oily eyelids)

Color Lip Butter

This Lip Product is exactly what it says it is, a Colorburst Lip Butter. I really love this lip butter because i tend to wear a lot of lip balm around this time of year but im never happy with the no color payoff that some lip balms have, im always apply some shade of lipstick with my lip balm but this product does the work for me, its very moisturizng and has a great color payoff.