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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover


Sarah B.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff

this is the best eye makeup remover! it even takes permanent marker off. good for removing that stubborn halloween makeup off the kids face! since it uses silicone instead of oil it leaves your skin silky smooth

Amanda M.
Love love love

I am a Mary Kay consultant and must say this is not only one of my number one favorite products I sell but my personal best selling product. It's usually the first thing people ask about when they find out I'm a consultant. The price is great too. It's very gentle and soothing if you get stys or have sensitive eyes that itch from a long day of wearing makeup..

Gabriella I.
this is as god as it gets!

This product is a lifesaver. It isnt extremly oily, it doesnt burn my eyes, and it gets make up off easily. A little goes a long way. Best eye makeup remover out there!

Raveen R.

this product is very good! it takes everything off, i usually use a cotton ball and rubb my makeup off.

Amanda A.

Love it! It takes my makeup off with such ease. It doesnt get any better than this. All I do is saturate a cotton pad or ball and hold it for a few seconds over my eyemake up is gone. I use gently rubbing strokes to remove the more stubborn makeup. A little goes a long way with this product.

Grace M.
Love It! Great Leaping Bunny Certified Dupe Of The MAC Eye Makeup Remover

I love that this product is certified by the Leaping Bunny. For some that is a side note, however, not tested on animals generally means that the ingredients are not as harsh. This eye makeup remover is oil free, and it means what it says...the MAC one isn't oil free, and you have to shake it up before use, because it separates.

Liliana P.
By far the best one i've ever used.

I used this whole bottle up. It lasted me a very long time, simply because a tiny bit just does the job. The coating of this is strong enough to swipe most the product off you, a tad bit oily but not super oily. A fresh rinse of water will do. It worked so good. Doesn't hurt the eyes either :D

Kaleigh W.

My absolutely favorite eye makeup remover! Every other eye makeup remover I've tried has required me to scrub at my eyes trying to remove all the makeup, and this one takes it all off in one swipe. It's oil free, but it leaves the skin around your eyes silky and not dry. Not to mention, it doesn't burn at all if you get it in your eyes.

Jolani J.

I absolutely LOVE this eye makeup remover, it is amazing! its not oily and it doesn't leave your eye area feeling shiny or oily, its a great product for the price, i have an awesome rep, (www.marykay,com/jollieoliva)

Alli Rose G.
Simple as this..

The best makeup remover I've ever used! It says it's oil free, it means it's oil free! IT doesn't leave your skin feeling heavy or shiny. Great product all around!