Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect for the fall.

I have always loved this perfume since I first encountered Avon. The scent is a little bit strong when you first spray it on, but it fades over time. It's a great scent to wear in the fall or cooler times of the year. I got mine for $5 a great deal for perfume. If you enjoy spicey, earthy but still feminine scents this is a must.


This lip gloss has great shine, and tons of colors. I dont like the shape of the wand, it doesn't hold enough product for me, but the incredible shine makes up for that. All in all I would recommend this to anyone!

No Waste Bottle

This product is great for dry curly hair on the go. The bottle's design ensures you get every drop and it's not very expensive. I use this after I go swimmming or when I don't have the time to keep conditioner in my hair forever.

Long lasting scent!!!

So back in the day after buying my outfit for the night, I would hit up the perfume counter and spray into my shopping bags so my clothes would smell great. This perfume is the longest lasting perfume ever. I sprayed some clothes I bought on vacation forgot about them and 3 days later they still smelled yummy!!! If you need a scent that will last the night this is it!

Not the best on waterproof mascara

This product does the job, but it is doesn't take of all of your mascara if it's water-proof and it is kind of runny when you use it. If you use waterproof makeup I would not reccomend this to you.

Smells soooo good!

When it comes to body wash I look for 2 things a great smell, and lots of moisture (I have dry skin). This product has both it smells sooo good and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft like a baby's butt!

Pore Minimizer

I have never been a fan of foundation or concealer, but to make my pores look smaller I had to find something and this product is it. Not only does it minmize my pores it also controls shine and covers any imperfections on your skin. I bought a tube in Dec of last year and I still have half the tube left. This product is amazing!


I have thick lashes and this mascara is the best for defining and seperating my lashes. For daytime or no-makeup looks I only have to use one coat and I am good. For an evening look I curl my lashes and use 2 coats. This product is amazing and for about $6 you can't loose!

Great!...for one use only

This was the first mascara I ever bought so I do have fond memories of it. 15 years later this is not my first choice of mascara, however if I am in a rush and have to buy something quick this would be it cus it does look great the first time you use it but fter that it is clump city!

Great Shine Not alot of Plump!

Bottom lineI put it on my lips they tingled and burned (like when you eat hot wings), but they didn't look any bigger or plumper. It did have great shine.

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