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HG for me

I love this stuff. I’m not a white woman and was worried I would have a white cast with this because of other reviews mentioning about a white cast. I decided to try anyways.

I do notice a very slight white cast but not enough for me to not want to use it. It’s honestly very slight. And Once I have all my makeup applied I can’t tell. I put it all over my face, neck, and chest. It plays nicely with makeup and doesn’t cause me to be oily or breakout. (I have extremely sensitive skin) it seeps into my skin nicely. For reference my skin color is olive light medium / medium. I wear Giorgio Armani in 3.5. Charlotte tilbury lightwonder in 4 with the Hollywood filter In 6 underneath. I wear Dior air flash and backstage Face and body in 2W0. and In Chanel Aqua foundation I wear 30beige, in IT cosmetics CC cream I wear medium. Soo... If you have my skin tone or lighter you can get away with it but I don’t think it would be friendly for darker skin tones which sucks. They need to come out with a pigmented version perhaps to disguise the white cast.. I stick to this because I haven’t found anything better.

Holy grail magic wand foundation brush

This is my go to foundation brush. I’ve had it for 4 years! It makes my foundation flawless every time. It is very heavy so it gives me an arm workout and cramps my hand a little. I have to sometimes take a few second breaks lol but it gives such a flawless coverage and blend that it’s worth it to me. I am a brush snob now ever since trying Wayne Goss and Sonia G and seriously this foundation brush is better than any of their foundation brushes. And that’s hard for me to say because I love them so much but facts are facts in my world of opinions, this is a certain fact. :) It is worth the price tag for me. I baby it. I use the clean apothecary brush cleanser and always hang it upside down to dry . It has never shed one time. I never let water get into the furrow . I make sure not to wash too high up so I don’t disturb the clue holding the hairs in. This brush is an investment and fits in perfectly with my Wayne Goss brushes and Sonia G. Rest In Peace Kevyn Aucoin you beautiful soul! I’m so greatful to own all his makeup books and this excellent foundation brush as well as his sculpting powder.. that powder is bomb! Holy grail level too. Xo so don’t hesitate to purchase this magic wand.

Magic wands

So I never looked back the day I came across Wayne Goss brushes. They changed my makeup game and I was perfectly content...but then I found Sonia G and I felt the need to make room in my brush collection or at least try them and I’m so happy I did! Because Now Sonia G and Wayne Goss’s are the only brushes I use (aside from 1 other brush mentioned later).

I love this set it is so good and compliments my Wayne Goss brushes well. I use the powder brush the most . It’s so perfect and so soft. It gently applies my powder on my super sensitive skin. I love the blush brush and I do t use any other blush brush now because it applies my blushes in such a pretty way. It just blends them out so quickly and puts just the right amount leaving it looking flawless and healthy. The fan brush is dainty but awesome! I like to use my hourglass ethereal light and it sweeps the perfect amount Wherever I want it. I even use it under my eyes . It’s so gentle and soft.

Im still learning all the ways I like to use the Inochigo brush. It’s so so soft and it’s easy to roll powder under my eyes or even just powder my forehead with. It’s a multi use brush which I love. Another review complained about stiffness and hairloss but I haven’t experienced that with any of my brushes. I am very careful when I wash them so I don’t hurt the glue that holds the hairs in place. You never want to wash up too high to the metal part and you always want to hang your brushes upside down to dry so you don’t cause the shedding yourself. In between washings I like to clean my brushes with. High quality microfiber cloth. I swipe my brushes after every use with a microfiber cloth and it takes all the makeup off of them giving my brushes longer life. I use the Clean apothecary brush cleanser when I do wash my brushes which cleans them, protects and condition the hairs. I baby them and I’ve had no problems with shedding. Maybe one or two hairs the very first use but never again after that with any of them.

These face brushes provide everything I need in a face brush set except for I do own the Sonia G face One brush which is amazing for buffing in powders and making me look airbrushed I cant live without that brush’ and the Sonia G sculpt 2 which I also can’t live without ! I contour my forehead, cheeks, and jaw with it. It’s amazing with powders and with my Chanel Soleil bronzer too which is like a wet mousse cream kind of thing.

The only thing missing from this particular face set is a foundation brush . But I’m extremely content with my $85 Kevyn Aucoin foundation brush. Not even my Wayne goss foundation brush beats my Kevyn Aucoin one! Nothing ever does actually. Not beauty blender not anything. I always try to replace it and I never can .. Lol sorry this review has turned into my holy grail brush reviews of all brushes not in this set. ..But this entire set is holy grail for me and compliment the ones I listed.. so I say if you are on the fence give them a go. They are magic wand brushes that make your makeup look so much better than with cheaper brushes on the market. They honestly take you from beginner to pro level.. that’s how beautiful they make your makeup. They make your face look expensive ... in a good way! And one more thing I loveeeeeeee that these are Japanese brushes made by hand by Japanese artisans. I feel like I own something very special.. and very artful. It inspires me when I do my makeup. Sometimes doing my makeup is the one thing I do for myself every day because I am so busy being a mommy and a wife.. so I’m grateful for my makeup brushes. They make me happy. I’m glad I bought the set as I have found use for every brush. Thank you Sonia G . With love, Arleigh


So at first I didn’t think I liked the colors because I just felt like on my warm olive akin I couldn’t pull it off.. but I’ve done multiple looks and they all look pretty. I am able to do super vibrant fun looks and playful but still soft subtle every day looks with both of these palettes. The picture I’m attaching is just a fun very soft subtle look that is still playful and vibrant. You can play these palettes up or down which is awesome given the colors are very bright so don’t be afraid to add these to your collection if you are on the fence. I am glad I decided to. There is a little kick back with some of the green matte colors but that doesn’t bother me because the pigment is rich and they are buttery soft. They blend like a dream and layer beautifully and mix together beautifully. The quality is so good. They are worth the price tag. My favorite colors in the big palette is jawbreaker and snack. And the favorite color in the mini breaker is oral. Lol it’s gorgeous ! F*ck wasn’t as expected. I thought it would be more pink but it is like a coral hot orange.. it’s def unique. This palette is for beginners, and expert and anyone in between which is where I fall. I’m not a beginner but I’m def not pro so these palettes are very user friendly, high quality, and very pretty!

Second container

I’m onto my second container. I did receive a sample of the good molecules balm cleaner that is sort of similar to this one and I was hopeful that I could give this expensive one up and switch to that but that stuff is comedogenic and was causing me breakouts on my non acne prone skin so I went back to this and nothing compares. This stuff makes my skin so clean and nourishes it as well. It takes all my makeup off and is gently and smells nice. It’s clean ingredients and doesn’t bog up my pores. I love how it cleans all the pollution off your face too.. it’s just amazing. It doesn’t hurt my eyes and I have pretty sensitive eyes and I wear contacts and I’m able to wash my eye makeup off with my contacts on and it doesn’t irritate me at all. I love this stuff. Just wish it was more affordable.


I love this foundation it’s beautiful. It is light coverage which I like because I tend to hate thick foundations .. this one is so light and my skin can breath but it still covers . It’s nice on my normal dry skin too. This is one of my holy grail foundations. I tend to be very picky with foundations and always hate them. So I was surprised at myself for not feeling this way. So def a keeper for me! I paired it with the hollyood filter also and I love using them together as well. Holywood filter under and this on top looks beautiful and glamorous.

  • V03

I was hopeful because of all the great reviews and wanted to love it ... I have normal to dry skin and this just looked terrible on me. It’s heavy and gooey. It just looked gross on me. It also accentuated any dry patches I didn’t even know I had. I just felt like I wanted to scratch my foundation off my face all day because I could feel it on me. I paired it with the lumilayer primer which I love but this foundation was a fail for me. I will go back to using my Chanel vitalumiere Aqua foundation which I am not in love with but it gets the job done and I don’t look like nasty yucky makeup monster after using it like I do with this one. So this is going back for sure :/

Holy grail

I love all his velour lippies. My lips have a tendency to dry up badly with the Kylie cosmetic ones. I love them and own many of them but I reach for them rarely because my lips fall apart from them but then I bought the JSTAR mini nude bundle and I used the entire tube of the celebrity skin. I wore it constantly it’s so beautiful in my olive skin tone. I like to even put this in the bottom and layer the mannequin in the center of my lips and they layer beautifully and don’t pill or flake off. My lips never dry out the formula is so comfortable and flexible. Just perfect ... and useable for everyday.


I like it a lot. It really helps conceal my hereditary dark circles from being spaniard/native. Nothing ever works but this does! I have to prep my skin really well before I apply this to help it to not crease and I also set it with a light swoop of hourglass setting powder. I use my Wayne goss holiday 2018 brush to set the powder underneath my eyes and I use very little. It keeps it from creasing too much . After I put this on I put my normal concealer on top then the powder . It really looks great. It does crease especially without powder so I can’t give it 5 stars. There is room for improvement but it’s still very good and I will continue to buy until I find something better of course.

Glass skin is in

This primer is stunning. It gives my skin like this holographic look to it like spectral glass skin. It’s so pretty. I know that sounds strange but it’s beautiful it is different than all my other primers and I own so many. It’s my new favorite. Removing 1 star because it doesn’t hide my Korean on my cheeks but honestly the kind of primers that do do that always clog my pores and that’s just gross. So I don’t want that either. But this one really wakens your skin and gets rid of any lackluster in your presence. It makes me fresh faced, bright eyed, and bushy tailed . I always feel really pretty when i wear it. I have dry/ normal skin and I put a light moisturizer on under it let it sink in then I put this and it holds my foundation all day and looks beautiful . I got a sample from beautylish and I used it up and bought a full bottle after.

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