The Year of the Rabbit "Plum Blossom" Brush Set


Arleigh T.
God these are perfect

What else can I say besides these are heavenly. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep them because I just wasn't sure that I liked the design. Its just not my aesthetic but I was drawn in but the allure of Red Squirrel hair and the rarity of it... I am a big fude lover and collector. I have never owned this type of hair before and it blows all my grey and blue squirrels away, as well as all my different goat hairs mids and highs. Blue squirrel has always been the best to me, but this Red squirrel is in a league of its own. And though I am not drawn to the aesthetic of these brushes the softness and ability to create deep pigment with barely picking up any product, as well as the airbrush quality of these brushes makes them among my most favorite brushes in my collection now. I am so happy I have them and I am so happy I didn't return them. They are the best brushes I own. I adore them and how they make my face look and feel like that of an angel.

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Mary W.
I Cannot Believe I Own Such Luxury
Photo of product included with review by Mary W.

I feel so lucky to own this set. The cheek brush is so delicate and beautiful, and works well with softer powders. I can lightly buff but wouldn't want to push this brush too far because of the softness of the red squirrel. It is rare these days to find a set made entirely out of red squirrel these are stunning in person and so easy to use. The largest eyeshadow brush is one I reach for probably daily. It can blend, lay down color on the lid, or if I use the tip, I can lay down color in the crease. The smallest brush is fantastic. It can do all of your eye work: inner eye, lid, crease, smudge the lower lash line. I've washed them a couple of times now. I consider these brushes to be perfection, and the handle design is stunning. I hope other people can buy these and Beautylish restocks these soon.

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