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Sonia G. Base One product smear.

Sonia G.

Base One


About Base One:

This plush foundation brush works liquid and cream foundations of all coverage levels into the skin with an airbrushed finish. With a perfectly calibrated mix of goat hair and synthetic bristles, Base One is dense yet airy, making it an essential tool for applying a full face of makeup quickly and easily.

“This brush’s shape and density works beautifully with liquids and creams. It’s strong, easy to clean, and quick-drying but also airy enough to blend blush, bronzer, and highlighter.” — Sonia G.

Why It’s Special
  • Despite its dense, velvety bristles, Base One rinses clean easily when you wash it and dries in a snap
  • Each brush is handbound by master artisans in Japan using traditional brushmaking techniques for unparalleled performance and craftsmanship
  • The sturdy handle is made from dense, sustainably harvested maple wood and coated with four layers of pigment and lacquer for a rich, dimensional finish
How to Use

To apply liquid or cream foundation with sheer to medium coverage, pick up product with the tip of the bristles and stipple onto the skin in short, downward motions. For a quick wash of foundation, use larger circular motions. For cream blush, bronzer, or highlight, pick up the product with the brush and apply it directly, or place it onto the face with fingertips and use Base One to blend it out.

Other Details
  • Hair type: Hakutotsuho goat & PBT
  • For use with liquids and creams