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Beauty Product Reviews

So good!

I love this stuff. It’s oretty expensive though so I don’t love that one bit but it does amazing under my makeup so I end up repurchasing this again and again. I’m not a white woman and was worried I would have a white cast with this but I do not ever have one. So if your skin tone is similar to mine this is a winner. I have medium tan skin with olive undertones. This isn’t greasy or sticky. It sinks in my skin well and my makeup never suffers from using this and it keeps my skin safe from the sun.


I like it a lot. It really helps conceal my hereditary dark circles from being spaniard/native. Nothing ever works but this does! I have to prep my skin really well before I apply this to help it to not crease and I also set it with a light swoop of hourglass setting powder. I use my Wayne goss holiday 2018 brush to set the powder underneath my eyes and I use very little. It keeps it from creasing too much . After I put this on I put my normal concealer on top then the powder . It really looks great. It does crease especially without powder so I can’t give it 5 stars. There is room for improvement but it’s still very good and I will continue to buy until I find something better of course.

Glass skin is in

This primer is stunning. It gives my skin like this holographic look to it like spectral glass skin. It’s so pretty. I know that sounds strange but it’s beautiful it is different than all my other primers and I own so many. It’s my new favorite. Removing 1 star because it doesn’t hide my Korean on my cheeks but honestly the kind of primers that do do that always clog my pores and that’s just gross. So I don’t want that either. But this one really wakens your skin and gets rid of any lackluster in your presence. It makes me fresh faced, bright eyed, and bushy tailed . I always feel really pretty when i wear it. I have dry/ normal skin and I put a light moisturizer on under it let it sink in then I put this and it holds my foundation all day and looks beautiful . I got a sample from beautylish and I used it up and bought a full bottle after.

Hives and pimples

I used this at night only before bed because I don’t think it’s the right product for wearing under makeup. Anyways, I really wanted to love this with all the great reviews. But my face wouldn’t let me. It broke me out with white heads and hives. It made my face feel sore and stingy. It felt almost like that feeling from a bad sunburn. It also made my eyes swell when I woke in the morning they were puffy and swollen and red from an allergic reaction. I do have mildly sensitive skin. I also couldn’t help but notice but it made my pores look huge! I have always had small refine pores because I baby my skin. But this made my pores look huge as if they were suffocating for oxygen. I only used it 3 days and followed all the instructions. This will be my very first return to beautylish. I feel this product may be over hyped like as if maybe some of the “magic” is purely just like a placebo pill effect. I just hope I can fix my face after the damage this caused me. Depressing! The only thing I liked about it was the smell and color. I will stick to my argan oil and my Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm (which is about 100 dollars cheaper and light years better) Which my skin stays beautiful with.

Worth every penny

This brush is unlike any of my other brushes. I was in the market for a powder brush and this makes my face look like a china doll. I mean it is so soft and when I buff my hourglass setting veil in with this brush it’s the most beautiful finish. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. It’s simply a magic wand . I’m so happy I splurged I’ll never use another powder brush.

Mood + Dim + Ethereal perfection

I own Mood , dim, and ethereal. My very favorite is mood. Another review said she was very fair and that she didn’t recommend the mood for darker skin tones but for me it is gorgeous. I Almost didn’t buy it because of that review but I was so drawn to the mood one the most and I’m so glad I went with my intuition on that one because it’s my favorite . I love to set my face with the hourglass setting powder veil first . I use my Sonia G flat top face powder brush and I buff it in. Then I take mood light and swirrel it on my face with my Wayne Goss airbrush. I but the dim around my forehead near my hair line and my jaw line as well as my cheek contour area and then I take ethereal and put that under my eyes, chin, lower forehead and top of my nose. So beautiful. For reference I have light/medium/tan skin with olive undertones . I am part Native American part Spaniard so my skin tone is very ethnic and then powders look beautiful on my mixed skin. It’s worth a try if it calls to you.

Simply the best

I have been shopping around for new contour powder. I always use the Anastasia powder contour kit but it just never was just right or that amazing. I love Kevyn Aucoin and own all his books. I wanted to give this a try based on all the amazing reviews and it is absolutely just as good as they all say. I chose medium and it’s perfect for my light/medium olive complexion. It’s stunning and blows the Anastasia one out of the water. This contour paired with the hourglass setting powders and radiance powders and my face is on point and flawless looking. Def recommend my new Hoy grail.


The hype is real with this brush... I mean magic wand.. it’s a magic wand for real. I bought one and a week later bought another and I’m already seriously contemplating a third one. Okay so this brush does everything Wayne says it will. It airbrushes my makeup and I look flawless after. It makes a huge difference for my makeup routine. I have normal/dry skin that is sensitive. This brush is ultra super duper soft. There is a review on here about how you aren’t supposed to get the brush in oils or wet foundation or creams. I’m thankful for that review because it has made me be very careful with this brush. I baby it. I have used it for contour, highlight, and buffing in my setting and finishing powders from hourglass which is a match Made in heaven mind you. I don’t know what it is about this brush must be the blue squirrel hair but it just makes my face look like it has a blur on it. A natural beautiful youthful one . It makes my makeup look more beautiful and refined.

I have been cleaning it with a dry microfiber cloth and then when I did wash it one time I made sure not to get the bottom near the handle wet so it doesn’t loosen the glue and won’t make my brush shed. I then after washing , put a mesh brush guard on it to keep the brush shape and I prop it upside down on a towel against the wall and let it air dry over night. I do this with all my brushes and it keeps them from shedding and falling apart.


So I like this a lot. It’s a bit dry and crumbly but it does gently polish my lips and remove dry chapped skin. It tastes so good and I love the packaging. It also smells yummy and makes my beauty routine much more enjoyable so it’s worth the purchase for me. When I run out I’ll buy another. I do recommend!