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  • Frosted Fingertips

    Frosted Fingertips

    Glitter nails have taken the beauty world by storm! We've never seen so many different ways to make your fingers sparkle. Click through to discover which type of glitter polish you like—or already wear— the most.

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  • Tutti Frutti Fingertips!
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    Tutti Frutti Fingertips!

    Talk about fruits of labor! Some of your favorite fruits may not be in season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adorn your digits with their vibrant images. From cheerful strawberries to brightly colored kiwis, check out how these designs are coming to fruition.

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  • How To: Turning Eye Shadow into Nail Polish

    How To: Turning Eye Shadow into Nail Polish

    Want to create your own nail polish hue? Use your eye shadow! The easy DIY process takes less than 10 minutes and you can create any color you want. Keep reading for our simple tutorial on this fun experiment.

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  • Temptalia's Beauty Secrets

    Temptalia's Beauty Secrets

    After studying economics and political science at the University of California at Irvine, Christine Mielke decided to follow her passion and started Temptalia, a blog for the beauty obsessed. Keep reading to find out this makeup maven’s product must-haves and what’s on her gift list this year.

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  • Holiday Nail Decals

    Holiday Nail Decals

    Is your calendar filling up with holiday parties? Check out these festive stick-on designs, which make switching up your style a total breeze—you can have a fresh manicure for every event you attend!

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