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A Game Changer

OMG! I will never use another eyebrow product again in life! This stuff has changed my eyebrow game. I went from somedays getting it right to bring on point forever. I doesn't budge once it's on. An amazing product. I'm considering getting the brow wiz pencil to use in conjunction with the Dipbrow!

Great Value

I bought this after disastrous results with Ben Nye Banana Powder. I am black with a medium tan complexion. I had watched many YouTube videos with other black women use Banana Powder to set highlight concealer and it looked fab. I just couldn't get it to work for me. It was entirely toooooo yellow!!! So I went on a new hunt to find something to set my highlight/concealer. I couldn't really find what I wanted and decided to purchase Coastal Scents out of sheer desperation! Fabulous!!! I bought it specifically for the top middle row color and was quite concerned that it wouldn't work with my skin color. This stuff is perfect for setting my highlighting/concealer. It not too yellow, not too pale. I like the blushes a good too. The bronzer is too dark right now but should be perfect for the summer when I tan. My foundation routine is now complete and perfect due to this purchase!!!

The Crispest Line Ever!!!

I have tried almost every liquid liner out there and experienced nothing but pure frustration cause I want my line sharp enough to cut through steel but that has yet to happen. The brushes Tend to be too flimsy which means no real control or precision. Or the formula builds up when I attempt to go over my line to sharpen it up as much as possible. When I was in Sephora I explained to the sales lady what my problem was and she suggest the Tattoo liner. In store she swiped the liner on my fore hand and it was a little light coming out but the line was soooooo sharp. I happened to wash my hands when I first got home and the line didn't budge or fade one bit! It did come off quote easily with makeup remover though. When I finally sat down to play with it the line was mind blowing!!! It was the easiest liner I've ever used and I was able to achieve a super sharp line with absolute ease plus the blackness really rich unlike the sample in store. I've read some other review that said it was fine for a few weeks but started to fade soon after. I have only had it for a week but so far so good. If this liner holds up this will definitely be my HG liquid liner!!! I think the best part of the liner is that unlike other liners that have a felt tip, this one has very fine brushes that gather to a extremely fine point. I'm in love!!!!!!!


For the longest time I didn't understand what all the hype was about a $20 sponge and refused to buy into the hype. I don't know what happened but one day I had decided to jump out there any buy it. What took me so long? I jump back and forth between my Beauty Blender and my Real Techniques Expert Face brush. Both are awesome products definitely worth the hype. The only caveat is that it stains but not a big deal to me.

Great Quality At A Great Price

What is there not to love about this brush! It's light weight and gives the foundation an awesome finish. I switch back and forth between this and the Beauty Blender. I love both soooo much! You can't go wrong with this brush.


Please read my entire review! I have tissue paper for nails. They are soooo soft they peel off instead of break off. Polish would only last a day before chipping severely. This made wearing nail polish a very unpleasant experience. One day I read a Beautylish article about idiot proof manicure product and Seche Vite was mentioned. I had nothing to loose so I tried it. This product is like manna sent from the heavens!!!! This part is the important part: if you are not having good results or don't understand the hype, it's because your leaving out some steps. I learned this through trial and error and luckily I didn't give up on the product. First a good quality basecoat is very necessary. I use CND Sticky Basecoat. Next, one or two thin coats of polish. Lastly a coat of the Seche Vite. This is also important! Coat entire nail from bed to tip. If u don't as the top coat dries it will shrink the nail polish. As far as the issue of Seche Vite "gooeping" up, there's a easy fix. Seche Vite sells a thinner that can be with other polishes that may need refreshing. It's an amazing product and gives my manicure a mirror shine. Best of all my polish lasts about a week before chipping and dries in less than 5 mins. No more smudged nails!😆😆😆

What Took Me So Long?

I have tissue paper for nails they are so soft that they don't break off, they peel off. This made for a lot of bad polish days. My polish would chip within hours of me applying. I really thought the problem was my soft nails cause I've tried other basecoat a before. I had resigned myself to always having to polish every other day. I read a Beautylish article about this product and was quite skeptical but had nothing to loose. Nowadays I change polish cause I want to, not cause I have to. I use this in conjunction with Seche Vite fast dry. OMG...... A manicure that lasts more than 4 days. That may not be much for someone else but I'll take what I can get. It's a big difference from a chip in a few hours!


It pays to have a pleasant personality. I say this cause a lady @ Ulta was willing to give me a sample of this product due to my pleasant disposition. It was only due to that sample that I was willing to try this product. In my mind $18 is entirely too much for a eyebrow but OMG!!!! This product has upped my brow game substantially. She gave me the sample in ebony which was a little too dark so because I am a golden tan with yellow undertones I decided to purchase dark brown and this changed my life! Very little product is required so the amount given for $18 really makes sense. It will last forever. I take what I need out and re-close so that the product won't dry out!

Love this makeup line!!!!

I love everything about Sugarpill and this pigment is no different! Excellent color payoff and it's just so versatile. I can't wait to purchase Goldilux and Lumi!!!!! The amount of product you get is just ridiculous! Definitely money well spent!

It's OK

Don't get me wrong. It's a good primer but I've used better. It grabs color really well. It definitely allows even the least pigmented eyeshadow show up pretty well. My one and only grip, which is major for me, is that it will not allow me to blend as well as other equally great primers on the market. I am a blending queen!!!! I would go so far as to say I'm obsessed with blending! I feel like you should blend, blend, blend and then blend some more. This product just pulls too much for my taste when I'm placing and blending my lid and crease colors!!! There are lots of other shadow primers that work just as well without pulling which makes blending a headache with this product. I'll only use it in a pinch if I've run out of my other primers in my train case!

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