Beauty Product Reviews

Best pencil eyeliners I've ever used!

I got bought a set of these as a present for my birthday and I have to say I love all of them! They have some unique colours and others are perfect everyday eyeliners. I use them mainly on my upper lash line (except for the blacks which I use on my waterline) and they're the best eyeliners I have ever used. They never smudge or transfer the eyeliner like some others do when you blink onto the moon of your eyelid and after a long day I can bet you it'll still look as good as it did when you applied it in the morning. My only problem is that I don't use these as much as I'd like because the pencil runs out quite quickly.

Smells gorgeous

As everything in Lush, Snow Fairy lip tint smells amazing! It resembles all the other Snow Fairy products by Lush with it's smell, just like bubble gum I think. The thing I love most about this is because it's a lip tint you can get the shade of pink you desire. You can either apply one or two layers for a subtle pink or go the whole way and apply a few and get a beautiful/bright pink!

Best condition I have used!

I bought this mainly for the smell because it smells amazing (strawberries & cream). When I washed my hair with it I was amazed at how super soft my hair was and my hair smelt really good even the days after there was still a faint smell. I don't use this conditioner as much as I'd like because of the price but I've stocked up on the biggest size because it works out cheaper as oppose to keep buying the smaller ones.

I could not live without this!

Liquid foundations have never really done anything for me, never seem to cover up hardly anything so I bought this after seeing it on the T.V and looking at online reviews, and I haven't looked back! My skin has never looked so flawless and porcelain! I don't even need to wear concealer after I have used this which I ALWAYS needed to do with liquid foundation. Definitely worth buying and doubt I will ever switch to another!

Good but not worth the hype

I bought this earlier this year when I hadn't heard of anything like this (lipgloss turned to matte lipstick) and was so excited to try it as it was hyped to the max. I wore it to a wedding and remembered to do everything to make it stay as long as possible (exfoliate, lip primer, pencil etc) but it only lasted for a few hours. The second time I used it it lasted slightly longer. Now I know of other companies that do exactly the same type of lip products but for a lot cheaper (including the new overhyped pink velvetine) so I doubt I'll repurchase. In the UK the brand MUA do lipgloss to matte lipstick for only £3.00 and they have different pinks and reds!

love these!

I originally bought all the colours of the eyeliner when Lime Crime was having a sale on, they were still pretty expensive but i heard good things about the products and i love my eyeliners so thought i would try! I love these! The colours are vibrant, pretty unique and all you need is one swatch! On one occasion i have found these cracked a bit but I haven't worn them yet when it's very hot so i can't judge on the effect that has like other reviewers said. Only other cons are that that the liquid is more watery than any other eyeliners I've tried before and the bottle is very small for the price but I love these and would recommend them!