American Cream Conditioner


Marian M.
The Sweetest Treat

I bought this conditioner to test it out. My hair had been getting used to my normal conditioner, and I decided to get a small amount of this to see how it worked out. I tend to get oily hair, so I look for products that will soak the oils up and still keep my hair moisturized and soft. American Cream does EXACTLY that. Citrus soaks up the oils while the honey keeps it moisturized. My hair feels SO soft and clean, leaving me without the feeling of being weighed down with oil. In addition, it smells absolutely beautiful! It's mostly vanilla scented, but you can smell the honey, strawberries, and oranges too! Even after the shower is over. I recommend this to anyone who has oily hair, wants to smell sweet, and needs some softness in their hair.

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Pearl  Y.
American cream brings all the boys to the yard.

This is a fantastic conditioner! It doesn't weigh my hair down and leaves it smelling amazing! I bought the 100g bottle to try it out and I'm going to stock up on the 500ml :)

Nicole R.
Love it so much!

This conditioner has everything going for it. The smell is amazing and leaves my hair smelling like a milkshake. It is very thick and leaves my fine thirsty happily hydrated and shiny all day long!

Francesca G.
Best condition I have used!

I bought this mainly for the smell because it smells amazing (strawberries & cream). When I washed my hair with it I was amazed at how super soft my hair was and my hair smelt really good even the days after there was still a faint smell. I don't use this conditioner as much as I'd like because of the price but I've stocked up on the biggest size because it works out cheaper as oppose to keep buying the smaller ones.

Whit S.
The best conditioner!

This is the best conditioner I have ever used! It made my hair so silky and soft, and I would always get complements on how good my hair smelled! It is really rich though, so you don't need a lot when you use it.

Breelyn H.
The only conditioner I could keep using..

If I had my own money! haha A Lush employee recommended this for me and it's so good! I love the smell and it leaves my hair smelling great and moisturized. I need to buy more of this because I could keep using it for a looong time. You only need a nickel size amount because it lathers really well in your hair.

Theresa G.

I love this conditioner. This is the only conditioner that I use. It is on the pricey side but nothing else does the job done like this conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling and looking full and healthy. The smell I adore and will never get tired of.

Gracieee A.

my mum got some as a christmas present, but she didn't really like it so she gave it to me. it smells great and does wonders for dry hair, i got highlights and my hair felt so dry, i used this as my conditioner and within 1 1/2 months my hair was back to normal!

Sue L.

This is my favorite conditioner! It smells amazing, like vanilla and strawberries, and it's really creamy, which is what I look for in a conditioner. It is a bit pricey (all Lush products are), but it's worth a try.

Grace M.
A Great Leave In Conditioner, Or Long Time Soak Conditioner

This is a great product if you are looking for something to leave in very frazzled, dry, brittle over dyed hair. This product is something I use to long time soak in when I am taking a shower. After washing my hair, I apply this product all over (bc I flat iron my hair a lot) and soak till the end of my shower. This doesn't leave my hair too moist after the long time soak, so its still easy to make my hair look presentable at work, without obvious over fluff/overuse of product or apparent leave in conditioner left over.