Lime Crime Makeup



Francesca G.
Good but not worth the hype

I bought this earlier this year when I hadn't heard of anything like this (lipgloss turned to matte lipstick) and was so excited to try it as it was hyped to the max. I wore it to a wedding and remembered to do everything to make it stay as long as possible (exfoliate, lip primer, pencil etc) but it only lasted for a few hours. The second time I used it it lasted slightly longer. Now I know of other companies that do exactly the same type of lip products but for a lot cheaper (including the new overhyped pink velvetine) so I doubt I'll repurchase. In the UK the brand MUA do lipgloss to matte lipstick for only £3.00 and they have different pinks and reds!

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Nicole A.

I love red velvet, 5 stars all the way. But this color just doesn't fit the swatch at all on the sight): The wear is great but the color is very Orange undertoned with a lot of MAC magenta lip liner under I find I like it a little better. Great product just bad color xxoo

Alicia S.

I heard so many good things about this product so I ordered it and now i know what people are talking's amazing!!! The color is bright perfect for either day or night, and will make you stand out (in great way). It's a matte finish but what's great is that it doesn't dry out your lips like most liquid lipsticks do. Best part of all it's very long lasting, I had some food and drinks and it didn't even budge. I'm very happy with this product and will purchase another color.

, matte finish and long-lasting. I am very please

Lauren C.
Great wear, great color and texture

Just tried out my Lime Crime Velvetines lip color in suedeberry and I love it!! I was a little skeptical about the drying time because it does go on heavy and watery. The time it took to dry was very fast though! It was less than 30 second and dried into a very bright beautiful red with a great texture. This color stayed on all day. This is definitely my favorite lip color especially for the holiday season.

The only thing I do not like about lime crime is the way some of the colors are advertised are not the way they look after applied in person. Suedeberry is not as pink as it looks on Lime Crimes website. I felt the same way with Lime Crimes Poisonberry lipstick. To achieve the color that is advertised the lipstick needed a base of a dark plum liner. Other than that I am very satisfied.