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Beauty Product Reviews

Pretty good!

This stayed on well for me, even after a day at the beach. I'm a big fan of the wand because I like wands that can really come through the lashes. It's pretty buildable, so I can get decent volume but not much lengthwise. I got this on sale @ K-Mart so definitely worth the $3 I spent on it! :)

Just ok

The colors in this palette didn't blow me out of the water in the first place. I'm normally one who really likes bold colors and other than the pink I wasn't too excited about it. And of course, the pink is the least pigmented out of all these shades. If you really want it to show up, you really have to layer it. The white is pretty (even though mine exploded everywhere) but it's nothing very special, just a shimmer highlight color. The first black is pretty because it has some blue shimmer in there and then the matte black is probably my favorite out of all of them. It's a very rich dark black and I like using it to top the eyeliner I put on my water line. So overall, it's decent and the formula is nice on these. I think I'd like to try some other colors though.

I really want to love it

I'm just kind of meh about this product. I wanted to see super long lashes, and while it did add some length it just didn't do as much as I would have hoped for. I am kind of a false lash junkie,so that may be why I'm so picky about this. But anyways Pros: Reasonable Price Accessibility Lengthens (Just not as much as they lead you to believe) Pretty buildable (If you can get in there quickly enough) Cons: Drys VERY quickly Tends to flake The wand (I'm more of a fan of plastic bristle wands b/c they tend to comb more through my lashes. If I had known what the brush looked like before hand I probably wouldn't have bought it.But that leads to my other issue, they didn't have a picture of the wand on the packaging!) Overall: Decent mascara, not the best or worst I've ever used.

Love everything about this!

I bought this product after seeing this post from xsparkage And I just fell in love, especially with the color because I had never seen anything like it and I couldn't really think of a dupe for it. It was pretty pricey, $24 on, but in my opinion it was worth it. Pros: Longevity, this stuff stays put! Even without topping it with a powder. Wide color range, with colors you can't find really anywhere else. Can be used anywhere, so they can be great for Halloween, editorial work, or if you're just feeling super edgy, ;) You only need a little bit to get the effect you want, so this will last you a while! It's GORGEOUS! lol Cons: Only the price, but if you buy a more accessible shade and use it for your lips, cheeks, and eyes you might find it more worth your money. :)

Terrible Concealer

I bought this because I thought the yellow tones would help conceal my under eye circles, but it failed there. To call it an "eye base" is also a joke. It was awful at blending and the coverage was just terrible. Pros: Accessibility Price, but you can get better concealers for the same price Cons: Doesn't live up to the name concealer OR eye base Doesn't cover anything, including under eye circles, blemishes, or even just redness. Not worth it at all, don't waste your money on this, you can get much better drugstore concealers for around the same price. :P

One of the better drugstore concealers!

I really like this concealer, I love the packaging because it's easy to use and easy to store. And it's great for everything I've used it for, which has included covering my undereye circles, the redness around my nose, and covering up blemishes. The consistency is creamy, but not so creamy that it slides around everywhere. When I top it with my L'Oreal True Match powder it stays all day. Pros: Packaging Accessibility Price Texture Pretty wide range of colors Cons: Not too many, but there is the tiniest bit of shimmer as there is with the PhotoReady foundation. But if you cover it with a powder, it's not noticeable at all. So if you're looking for a new concealer to try you should definitely check this out, because let me tell you I love this soo much more than my Almay Bright Eyes Concealer. :)

For Glitter Lovers EVERYWHERE!

This bubble bar is super super super fun! :D The gold glitter is gorgeous, but it's not super chunky glitter, so when you get out of the tub you're left with just really pretty shimmery skin! :D So even if you're not a glitter fanatic, you can still use this! And it has a slight citrus-y smell that's pleasant, plus if your don't clean your tub after the first use, you can get pretty much a second use out of it! (Which is what the lady at LUSH told me, so I'm not being gross lol) Pros: Pretty glitter which leaves you with glowing skin 2 uses for the price of one! Nice scent that's not overpowering Bubbles very nicely. :) It's not expensive, only around $5 Cons: Can't really think of any, except when I tried rubbing it on my skin it felt a little scratchy. So just remember it's a bubble bar not a bar of soap. :)

Decent, not my favorite.

I have a love hate relationship with this product. I paid $25 for it at Hot Topic, and was expecting something better for the amount I paid. It's ok, but it's kind of a pain to use, because I find it difficult to use over eyeshadow because it can smudge. BUT I do like using it in the inner corners of my eyes for an extra pop, usually topped with some kind of translucent shadow or powder because if I leave it unattended it has a tendency to smudge. And I also love using it on top of lipstick, because there are some really interesting shades with some fun duo chromes. So check it out if you have a love for glitter like I do, and maybe you can find it somewhere a little bit cheaper than I did, because then it's totally worth it. :)

Great Pigmentation for a Great Price!

These are probably my favorite drugstore eyeshadows, I've only used 2 but they are just fantastic. The two I have swatched are of Indigo Impact and Champagne, once alone and once over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. As you can see the pigmentation is great either way, you could wear these two shadows without any kind of base and they would still look lovely. So Pros: Great Price Lots of Colors Awesome Pigmentation Easy to find Cons: Can't think of any. :) So I would definitely recommend these to anyone.


This was the first eye shadow brush I bought and it was also the only brush I had for a very long time. So I can say that this brush is absolutely fantastic! I would use it for putting color all over the lid, putting it into my crease, and adding a highlight to my brow bone. I can't say enough about this brush because I love it so much. Plus it's so inexpensive that everyone should have one! AND the one I've had has lasted me almost 3 years. So to say it's totally worth the ONE dollar is an understatement, it's worth way more than that, but the price is what makes it even better!

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