ALMAY Bright Eyes Eye Base + Concealer


Jessica Y.
good product

i have the color medium and it is great for concealing under eye circles an okay eye base not one of my faves but i do use it everyday to conceal dark circles and blemishes

Kenzi S.

It was okay, if that's all you can get. Good for under eye circles and is an OK base. Wouldn't buy it again unless that's all I could get. However, it did keep my eye makeup on but, it did fade a bit ;[

Maggie P.
I don't really like it.

This really does almost nothing for my dark circles. It barely covers then and it blends horribly. I've used it on blemishes and it's ok. I think it works better on blemishes than it does on dark circles. I'm not sure how well it works as a base. My eye makeup does stay on all day, but I think that's just because I put foundation and eye primer on over it.

Felicia K.
Terrible Concealer

I bought this because I thought the yellow tones would help conceal my under eye circles, but it failed there. To call it an "eye base" is also a joke. It was awful at blending and the coverage was just terrible. Pros: Accessibility Price, but you can get better concealers for the same price Cons: Doesn't live up to the name concealer OR eye base Doesn't cover anything, including under eye circles, blemishes, or even just redness. Not worth it at all, don't waste your money on this, you can get much better drugstore concealers for around the same price. :P