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Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara

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Felicia K.
Pretty good!

This stayed on well for me, even after a day at the beach. I'm a big fan of the wand because I like wands that can really come through the lashes. It's pretty buildable, so I can get decent volume but not much lengthwise. I got this on sale @ K-Mart so definitely worth the $3 I spent on it! :)

Ciara M.
It's Ok

When I first purchased the item I thought it was going to be pretty good, I knew a few people who owned it & seemed to like it. When I tried it out I was really dissapointed. It wasn't too bad, I'd use it if I ran out of my favourite mascara. It didn't give much volume to my lashes, which was pretty bad considering I have thick/long lashes naturally & they were practically left looking the same. It isn't the type of product that smudges or clumps up when you apply it, so that's a good thing. If you want a very natural looking mascara maybe this is the one for you but, I wouldn't recommend this product at all!

Chyna W.

I'm not a big fan of the product. I purchased it because I ran out of my other mascara and I literally live behind a Walgreens...So I figured I would try it. It didn't do much for my lashes and it rained that night...mascara all over my cheeks...so I'm not sure about it being waterproof as it stated on the package :(

However...I do like the fact that it doesn't really smudge or is clumpy when I apply it. This product also is good for defined mascara look which I like.

Patricia R.
My #1 Mascara

I use to only use the Cover Girl Waterproof LashBlash but have become addicted to the Sexy Curves. My lashes are extreamly long as it is and all they really needed was a fuller look. Once I applied the Sexy Curves Mascara, I noticed a BIG difference in my eye lashes. The lashes look fuller and not cluppy. needless to say I never went back to LashBlash.

Ajaney M.
This is my favorite Mascara right now.

Let me just say that waterproof mascara is a must have for me! I like this one because it doesn't flake or smudge and make my lashes look amazing all day long! I also really like the shape of the wand because it helps to coat lashes evenly.