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Beauty Product Reviews

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Hate, Hate, HATE!!!!!!

The hatred I feel for this product borders on comical levels. I honestly feel that this has a undeserved hype from the makeup community because in my opinion this is just watered down, coloured water sold to the unsuspecting public.

The only thing this is good for is as an expensive paper weight

Great Contour Brush . . but definitely not a Blender

The 163 brush has synthetic bristles which are feel, firm, silky and soft to the touch. So far from playing around with this I have learnt than you shouldn’t even bother trying to blend with this brush . . .it’s not a blender, it’s a placer, which does make it a very good contour brush. The main thing I’ve learnt from playing around with this is too be careful how much product you pick up with this brush as the dense, short bristles can make this a nightmare to wash.

A beautiful and very pigmented rose pink/plum shade

The Betray Cream blush by Illamasqua is a beautiful deep rose-plum colour that looks great on dark skin tones. This cream blush is very pigmented so I would recommend using with a light hand of you will end up using a lot more than you planned to.

I recommend using a stippling blush to apply this blush to your skin x

Crap for foundation, great for cream blushes

I must be one of the only people who doesn't use this brush for foundation. I felt that it applied my foundation too heavily, made my face too shiny and even worse used way too much product to make me look shiny. I wouldn't really recommend this brush to be used for foundation but it is absolutely perfect for cream blushers. This brush applies cream blushes like a dream and I do use it sometimes to apply my powder blushes as well. I feel it is the best blush brush ever but thats just my opinion

The King of Foundation

If you have normal skin and are looking for a medium coverage then look no further than MAC Studio Fix Foundation. This is a repurchase favourite for me because despite leaning a bit to the orange side with its warm, red tones, the formula is FLAWLESS, blend-able and strong enough to cover any blemishes you might have which means you are using less concealer on your face and weighing down your skin. Personally I do think this is on the heavy side weight-wise but I love it

What does this do again??

After hearing everyone making such a hype on the blogsphere, I felt I had to go and buy this when MAC launched it LE Mineralize collection and honestly I have used it twice and thats it. What does this do?? It is not pigmented enough for the colour to show on my skin and also doesn't add that much impact when used as a highlight. Personally the only Mineralize product I am going to buy from MAC again is the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural . . .at least I KNOW what that is meant to do

Great Set! All brushes usable!!

I bought this set just because of its precision detailer brush. I know I just wanted the smallest brush in the whole set but I actually love all the brushes in this set and using each one multiple times during the week. They are incredible soft and well made; so minimal shedding and is great for its price

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Light, water resistant but a bit difficult to get out of its packaging

Apart from my Mac studp fix fluid this is the only foundation which I will always repurchase without a fuss. It feels very lights on my skin and matches my skin tone almost perfectly. The only issue I have is that it can be a little bit difficult to squeeze out the foundation from its packaging. I have resulted to using my teeth to help squeeze the last few drops of foundation out when I haven't got the time to get a new bottle

Sensitive Skin Users Beware!!!

This mask is absolutely horrible and I love Murad products especially as they have a skincare range specifically formulated for those with normal skin but this mask is just fire in a sachet.

I actually made my skin feel like it was on fire and I couldn't even keep in on for more than 5 minutes because the burning sensation increased the longer I kept in on. Honestly normal skin ladies and gentle-frogs give this product a miss

Creamy, Nude Lipstick with short lasting time

I love the brown-pink nude lipstick something fierce. Everything from its luxurious gold packaging to its creamy and pigmented, moisturising formula is a win for me. The biggest con for this lipstick would be its wear time. For its price it does have a very short wear time, the longest wear time I have gotten from this is about 3 hours.