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Go To Powder

Ive repurchased this powder about 4 times i believe because i love it so much. When you first get it though, it is extremely powdery and tends to get fallout everywhere, but after using it a bit, it stop doing that. This powder has incredible coverage and evens my skin tone. Its not too heavy or cakey feeling. I use it everyday either to just use by itself on my face or to set my foundation with it. Its great..

Favorite go-to eyeliner!

I tried this eyeliner about a year ago and hated it because i thought it wasn't matte enough and in the sunlight it looked shimmery. Then I ran out of my other eyeliner and used this one for a back up and fell in love with it. Advice: Shake it before you use it, just to get the liquid on the applicator, I think that's why it was so dull for me the first time i used it. This is defiantly my favorite eyeliner <3


I use this product 2 times a day. I love it so MUCH. It makes my face so soft, and makes my face feel so alive. The exfoliating beads are soft and gentle. You dont have to worry about them scraping your face off or them irritating your face. Defiantly re purchasing.


This mascara did nothing for my lashes. All it did was coat them with a thick black cream. No curl, no volume, nothing. Dont waste your money.


I got this, used it twice and LOVED it!! But then I dropped it on my CARPET and it cracked into a million pieces. Another thing I dont like is the packaging. There is no magnet or velcrow to keep the box closed. It just kinda 'closes' and can open if tipped over or something. I have a love hate relation ship with this stuff!!


I went to ulta and they had a sale on these! So I picked up a few not expecting much and when I tried it I fell in love!! It makes your lips feel hydrated and pretty! I love the packaging and the shades are greaat! Must have!

Not what i expected.

I got these for christmas and i figured since they were physicians formula that they would be great! Dont get me wrong, they have great pigmentation. But all the colors have the same finish and no matte colors what so ever. Im a sucker for matte, so these colors werent exactly what im in to. The colors are beautiful, just not for me. Another thing, the packaging is really hard to open! If you dont have nails (Thank god i do) its really difficult to open. Also, Since the colors arent separated, its hard to pick up just one color with a makeup brush!


When i got this, it was my first liquid eyeliner. It worked amazingly! The tip is perfect for doing many types of eyeliner styles. This is my #1 liquid eyeliner right next to my maybelline master precise eyeliner!

Good Everyday color for me!

I got this just for a quick gloss when i needed it but it turned out being something i use just about everyday! It dosnt dry out your lips and stays on pretty much all day! The colors are really pretty and i will be sure to get more shades of it when i can!

I kinda like this!

I see everyone complaining about this and i have no problem with it! Probably because i use 2-3 mascaras at a time. It makes my lashes longer and bolder! I really like this and might buy it again!

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