Johnson & Johnson

Morning Burst Facial Scrub


Bobbi W.

I used this stuff on my face for the looongest time.! It works really well and leaves my face feeling so soft and also smelling nice :) I used it every morning and nights (sometimes) and afterwards my face felt so clean! I would recommend it to anyone

Emilie N.

I use this product 2 times a day. I love it so MUCH. It makes my face so soft, and makes my face feel so alive. The exfoliating beads are soft and gentle. You dont have to worry about them scraping your face off or them irritating your face. Defiantly re purchasing.

Shayla C.
Take A Look At My Blog Ladies:)

In my latest blog post I was showing you guys a great morning and night routine to keep your face looking amazing. This is a great product to use in the morning and besides it waking you up and making you feel energized, it has the amazing scrubby beads that I was talking about that make your skin extra soft and gets rid of all that dead skin:)

Heidi R.

This is actually my go to cleanser when i travel. I love it! It cleans and refreshes. I don't use it on a regular basis because I've noticed that depending on the season it ll either be to harsh for my skin after a while or it won't do anything for my skin and my skin will be oily. So this works for me on a short term basis but not long term.

Amber E.

I love this face wash! It's great as a morning cleanser since it helps refresh your face and wakes you up. It evens out my skin tone and make my skin smooth.

Holly K.
The best

This takes away the dry skin all over my face. It's helped with all of my skin issues. No acne, dry skin, or red splotches. I really just love this stuff. The beads in it are amazing they scrub away the dry skin and they do not irritate the skin no matter how hard you scrub either. it's just all around great. :))

Ashley A.

Great for in the morning! i also get the little travel packs because they are great to put inside your purse! especially if you unexpectedly go over to a friends house for the night or something you will always have this with you.

Contessa W.

I absolutely love this product! I am not a morning person; however, this woke me up completely! I would so recommend this product to family and friends. It smells great and exfoliates the skin beautifully! My skin has never felt better.

Chrissy S.

A great every day exfoliator! It is very gentle and lathers really nicely. I am in love with the consistency of it! It starts off as a gel with tiny microbeads inside, then when you add water and start to gently cleanse, it foams up!

Erica S.
Morning Burst = Love it ♥

I use this product every morning and night! makes my skin feels amazingly fresh and clean! :) i love the morning burst that my skin feels after i wash off the product! ♥