Beauty Product Reviews

It died on me for some reason...

I've had this eyeliner for almost a year now. Loved the color payoff and the way it glided on before, but now it won't glide onto my eyes anymore; I have to drag and pull the pencil all over my lash line - with hardly any color payoff. XP I still have about a good 4 inches left of the pencil (I bought Electric at the same time I bought Ransom and it is perfectly fine) so I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe I just got a bad apple. Anyone have the same problem with Ransom?

Higher quality dupes from Elegant Lashes

We have a style just like this, and since we cater to professional makeup artists and estheticians, you can trust that our quality matches and even surpasses most designer brands. I've seen lots of Red Cherry lashes, and although we have pretty much all the same styles (and more!), I can't say I'm too impressed with their quality. Wouldn't use them on my clients for sure as they deserve nothing but top-notch products; definitely wouldn't sell to my clients as Red Cherry lashes don't quite meet my standards of quality.

Nonetheless, if we're strictly talking about style and style only (not quality), these lashes are really popular and they are indeed a great choice for everyday wear.

runs out quickly...

Smells great (I love citrus!) but for some reason, the product just seemed to disappear only after three uses. Maybe there was a hole in my can or something... =/ Anyhoo, the texture is a lot more stiff than other dry shampoos I have used. This is great for those with VERY oily hair as it gives better volume/root-lifting instead of flattening out after a few minutes like other formulas.

If waterproof is what you're looking for...'ve definitely found it. It won't budge even with my waterproof makeup remover. Which means I'll definitely be wearing it to be beach next summer X) Also, any waterproof mascara is great for curl-keeping, especially if you have hard-to-curl lashes like myself. As for the "I'm wearing falsies" effect, it's nowhere near it. Maybe it's cuz I work with falsies every day, but for a sparse-lashed gal like me, no mascara can match what a false eyelash can do.