Beauty Product Reviews

The Ultimate Lipstick Collection <3

If I ever had to choose one lipstick brand to wear for the rest of my life, it would be ColorBurst. It comes in every color imaginable, the formula is creamy but not too shiny, and they look fabulous on. My favorite is Soft Nude (it's very popular I see) but I have one in almost ever color category, and I love them all. Definitely a recommended item :)

LOVE! Favorite Matte Lipstick of all time

I love matte lipstick for everyday wear, and Revlon always seems to have the best colors. My favorite is Soft Pink... it's the perfect hot pink for my complexion - it looks fierce!! I recommend it to everyone.. just remember, if you have thin lips matte lipstick could make you look older. Also, avoid nude colors when going matte :) DrugstorePrincess

A really great mattefying foundation for sensitive or acne-prone skin!!

I began using this product a few years ago when it first came out - as a teen with uncontrollable skin, I was excited by the fact that this was 'clarifying'. Surprisingly, it really did help control my breakouts, and it left my skin looking shine-free! Rimmel did good by this one, and it even lasts through a whole day of class. Definite recommend! :) DrugstorePrincess <3

Not really "Natural", but for CoverGirl, it's pretty darn good!

I'm usually not a fan of CoverGirl products, especially when it comes to foundation, but I am responding quite well to this. I received a sample expecting to totally hate it, but I find that it feels quite nice and smooth on my skin, and although the coverage is light, it matched my skin tone well (shocking for CG!). However don't get excited by the label - the only thing 'natural' about this product is a little bit of cucumber water and some artificially derived oil (yes, that's right, I said oil). The rest of it is composed of chemicals, additives, and typical UNnatural ingredients - so it's not actually good for your skin, or the environment. However, it doesn't really cause me to break out - but it also doesn't last more than a couple hours. eh, it's okay, just don't buy it for the wrong reasons!

Will give you a beautiful glow... If you have the right type of skin!

I adore this foundation for weddings, work shows, girls nights and other occasions where I know I'm going to be in a lot of photographs - because like the name says, it really makes your skin look perfect in pictures. I always wear it when I am doing makeup tutorials for my blog, and I would recommend it for everyday use to girls with dry or normal skin. HOWEVER, I don't like to use this product frequently, because since I have combination skin and I am prone to acne, over use will give me breakouts like crazy. The shine it gives your skin is the minerals, which reflect light from the things you are trying to cover up - wonderful, but it can look strange in the daylight, especially if you already have oily skin. If you're the right type of person, this could be a great product for you!

Super-Pigmented, Easy to Apply and Definitely one of my FAVORITES!

These are my go-to eyeshadows if I ever want to create a shimmery, colorful eye look. The palettes come in so many gorgeous colors, and the shades are easy to mix and match so you can create a look that's completely custom to you! The shadows themselves blend easily, but stay put on your eye instead of bleeding all over the place! The shimmer is just perfect, and you can use these for everyday or for special occasions! You really can't go wrong :) DrugstorePrincess <3

This amazing brush really gives you false-lash glam!

The brush is curved perfectly and the head is flexible, meaning that EVERY lash gets a good coating. I KNOW some people have trouble with The Falsies, but I believe it is simply the way that they are applying it. This product works really well if you wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes FIRST, before sweeping it all the way through. You should curl your lashes BEFORE putting on the mascara, otherwise the curler will cause your lashes to clump - wahh! But honestly if you're looking for a quick and easy DRAMATIC mascara for a very little cost, this is the PERFECT product for you! :)DrugstorePrincess<3