Rimmel London

Stay Matte Clarifying Matte Foundation


Courtney N.
Love it.

I just got this foundation and I must say I'm impressed my face is oliy and after a few hours of wear with most liquid foundations I'm all shiny. but with this foundation after a few hours of wear I'm still matte and thats amazing.

Melissa  L.
Light and good coverage

This foundation is a great quality for the price and has a very light and airy consistency which blends easily. However there is a very limited shade range which is the only major issue.

Lilly D.
My actual shade is Sand

To be honest this is a great foundation on its own but when it is combined with other products to help with shine control it preforms even better. On its own the foundation has a life of roughly 8 hours before oil starts to seep though. If you are going to be in extreme heats or wearing the foundation for a longer period of time I would reccommend a powder or setting spray. I have used this foundation many times and have no break outs to report. It glides on wonderfully and cna be built up to a semi medium coverage. If you are looking for a more full coverage foundation or if you have dry skin I would not reccommend this.

Full review here: http://elleveebaybee.blogspot.com/2012/07/review-rimmel-stay-matte-does-it-really.html#!/2012/07/review-rimmel-stay-matte-does-it-really.html

Hasini J.

It's quite a good foundation and supplies flawless coverage. It is not heavy coverage but if does give you that flawless look so for people that only need medium coverage, this is great. It's good for people with oily or dry skin and is best applied with a stippling brush. It lasts for around 8 hours before beginning to fade but doesn't feel like it's suffocating you or trapping your skin. It feels very light on your face, and is good for special occasions. I was actually going to wear it for my prom, and my mum wore it for her wedding.

Alli Rose G.
Very Pleased!

I was using Bare Minerals foundation in light, but then I needed more coverage. I started to have more blemishes and I developed a few acne scars. =/ So I decided to go with liquid foundation. I looked at youtube reviews on drugstore foundations. I wanted to start with something cheap to see how my skin reacted before I invested my money into something expensive. I was extremely pleased with this foundation! It works with my massively oily skin. I do need to use a concealer for an acne that I so have, but for the most part it covers all that I need covered. It feels light on my skin. It doesn't oil throughout the day. I apply Fyrinna Fluff underneath and on top to make sure that it sets. My only complaint is that it does come in kind of a small bottle, but it is pretty cheap. Less than $5? Can't beat that. Oh, and even though it's a matte foundation, I find it gives a slight glow to my skin. Bottom line, I'll repurchase!

Taylor G.

Since I don't usually wear foundation, I only bought this for prom because I heard it was good for the price. When I put it on, I didn't really like it - probably because I wasn't used to wearing face makeup so it freaked me out. But anyways, I didn't like it so I stopped using it. So now, to get lighter coverage and less cake coverage, I mix a little bit of water with the foundation and it applies really nicely. Not cake at all, and the water doesn't make it weird or anything :P

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Sabrina R.

It isn't the best foundation I've ever tried, but it isn't the worst. It didn't break me out or make me feel like I was wearing a mask. The major downfall of this product was the fact that it did not stay matte at all. I looked like an oil slick after a few hours.

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Amber J.

I didn't particularly like this foundation, it doesn't sit well on my skin & leaves me with massive tide marks! Maybe just didn't work for my skin I wouldn't buy it again x

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Margo Z.

I bought this product with high expectations, and when I used it, it was horrible, did not work with my skin at all! The next week I returned it!

Lea W.
Really good drugstore foundation

This is one of my favorite drugstore foundations and products in general. It blends smoothly, and wears very well. It doesn't dry my skin out like other bases with a matte finish do (my skin is on the dry side); in fact, on me it's more of a semi-matte formula, which I really like so my skin looks glowing rather than dull. You can apply just a little bit for sheer coverage, or build it up for those times you're going for a made up look. I posted a video review on this item a while back--it's one of my older ones, but you can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5a7oG0BKrw if you're looking for extra input.