Beauty Product Reviews


I own quite a few e.l.f. books and I love them all. They're great for all occasions. M little sister used them to learn how to do make up.


I'm not a fan. I have used this a few times now, and I'm just not happy. Usually I love Mabelline products, but they let me down this time. It's very messy and I feel like I look like I don't know how to wear mascara or something when I use it because it goes on so sloppy.

So So

I got the black crackle for about 7 dollars and I am not at all happy with it. It does not go one nicely at all. It takes away all the appeal of the undercoat, applies sloppy, and thick. Sally Hansen is usually my go to brand, but not this time. I'm very disappointed with this nail polish.

Good for people learning to use make up

It's a really good starter kit for people who want to experiment with make up and don't know how. There are easy to read instructions and fun colors. My little sister was able to do nice, grown up make up easily with out any help from me. I also have used it to make some nice looks complete.

I like it.

I'm not big cream or gel liner, but e.l.f. does what I want. It's very easy to clean up. I really like it, for it only being a dollar. I've only ever found it at Target so far.